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Doing Retail Right Tip #2 From Bill & Lou: The Product is Always the STAR

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This is the second in a series or excerpts from a new book by retail furniture store design and planning experts Lou Kief and Bill Walls titled, "Doing Retail Right", a new book available from the major online booksellers in print and e-reader formats.  For more information on this book, or to order, visit www.DoingRetailRight.com.  

Are you considering painting your walls Pepto Bismol pink? Some interior designers will tell you that it’s a great way to create excitement in the store. While there certainly isn’t anything wrong with doing something avant-garde, Remember; the PRODUCT must always be the star!

Gaudy and bold backgrounds are acceptable if you’re selling paint and wallpaper or sprucing up the lunch room. But getting carried away with backgrounds and displays that overpower the product you sell is a colossal mistake.
Busy backgrounds can make the best product invisible, and that’s the last thing you want to do. 

The showroom floor needs to be dramatic and enticing, but it also needs to be the backdrop to enhance each piece of merchandise. The easiest way to do this is to use HIGH CONTRAST so every product jumps out in front of shoppers.

Here, is the concept:
  • Dark product displays best against a light background.
  • If it’s light, display it against a darker background.
  • Use solids or textures in rich hues.
  • Intensely focused lighting pulls the eye onto the product.

About The Authors: Lou Kief & Bill Walls live in Guadalajara, Mexico after a forty year career helping retailers create successful stores. They share their home with Katrina,a huge, not very lady-like, Neapolitan Mastiff, three Mexi-cats; Diego, Frida & Trotsky, and Rocco, a pushy Amazon Parrot.



“After building and remodeling over 3 acres of retail space with Lou Kief and Bill Walls I heartily recommend their professionalism, expertise, integrity and creativity! I would invite anyone looking to improve sales performance or their store’s professional appearance to read their book; “Doing Retail Right!” -George Moore, COO, Wilcox Furniture, Corpus Christie, Texas

“You have given RETAIL a BREATH! I am overwhelmed by the scope, the simplicity and the heartfelt delivery.” - Steve Drake, The Villages, Florida

“Retail ideas combined with Life Lessons. I read it as a call to action for veteran retailers who are facing a crossroads.” - Pat West, West Consulting

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