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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #54 from Lance Hanish-MobileFirst: Turn Y0ur Showroom Into A Modern Selliing Floor

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According to Prosper Mobile Insights, mobile activities while shopping in a store this holiday season by your target audience are:

#1-They will compare prices with another physical store (66.0%);

#2-Compare prices with an online retailer (59.7%);

#3-Read product reviews to decide between products (48.1%);

#4-“Check in” for a discount (40.3%);

#5-Scan a QR Code to get more information about a product (39.9%) and

#6-Request a price match (37.9%).

But guess what? This isn’t just what’s happening during the holiday shopping season, it is what’s happening now, everyday, in your stores. How are you going to deal with this?

Comparing prices and products between retailers is just another of those smart shopping strategies that consumers have adopted to keep their spending in check. It is up the retailers o provide shoppers with value propositions they can’t resist, turning the showroom into a selling floor.

The majority of consumers use digital and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to research stores and brands. Of all the advice one can give, this may be the most important: 2 in 5 plan to purchase via mobile. Hat is according to Prosper Mobile Insights Mobile Survey (conducted 10.12.12).
Forty (40%) percent of them will purchase vial mobile.

You have to make your showrooms sparkle with value and can’t resist products and/or services. That’s up front and center, not hidden in the back, left hand corner of your store. That’s the ‘dead zone’.

You have to have signage hat is of today, not yesterday. They should be mobile screens, with QR codes on them to give the customer maximum information. No more printed hang tags. That’s what your dad did. That’s yesterday.

Today is all about screens.

For retailers and manufacturers, a MOBILEFirst strategy should be at the center of your budgeting considerations. If not, you are destined to do what you did before. Doing that will get you what you got. That is a trail to fail.

Mobile is shaping the future of marketing innovation.

Lance Hanish is Co-Founding Partner in CNA | Sophis Integrated Marketing Communications. 

He can be reached at:
On Google+ LBC Advertising
On Linkedin Lance Hanish

 Lance Hanish; Lance Hanish http://pinterest.com/sophis1234/

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