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Classy Art Wholesalers Holds Cyber Monday Promotion

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Classy Art Wholesalers Inc. announced that it will be hosting its first completely digital promotion. For the first time ever Classy Art will be giving away free freight on all orders placed online on "Cyber Monday" biggest online retail-shopping day of the year.

“Giving away free freight on a minimum order is pretty crazy, said Gabriel Cohen, Vice President of Classy Art Wholesalers, "but it is worth it to have our dealers use and experience our website [www.ClassyArt.net]. It is one of the user-friendliest websites in the industry, and there are some really cool features like 24/7 customer support via live chat. We feel that once our customers are comfortable with the website, they will be much more inclined to use it in the future.”

“We do understand that this is traditionally a retail type promotion, but we have always used retail marketing concepts in our business. Our industry is stuck in a tiny little box when it comes to marketing, but the retailers have lots of creative ideas. We not only listen to our customers about how to improve our products and customer interactions, but we take notes on new and creative marketing concepts,” Cohen concluded.

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