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Rick Harrison Named President Of Digital Signage Company Eyeconic

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Rick Harrison

Industry veteran Rick Harrison has been named president of Eyeconic, a multi-media technology company offering turn-key solutions in digital signage, digital menus and interactive kiosks. Harrison is currently chief executive officer of rich media specialist GET Interactive and will continue in that role as well.

According to Jeremy Jacobs, chief executive officer of Eyeconic, the executives—who have worked on a variety of projects together serving both global and domestic clients—recognized a tremendous synergy between their respective concerns.

“In joining forces with Rick, we are seeking to leverage the strengths of both Eyeconic and GET Interactive for our existing clients and future customers,” Jacobs says. “Rick has an unparalleled ability to work with clients in identifying critical issues and how technology can be deployed to solve those issues to improve their businesses. In formalizing the relationship with our company, Rick will lead sales and business development for all Eyeconic product, allowing me to focus exclusively on continued product design and development.”

In describing the new relationship, Harrison relates, “I see tremendous growth opportunities in the digital space now, specifically in the area of in-store environments, which I believe will be the next frontier from a digital perspective. Brick-and-mortar retailers can’t manage the volume of product and information that an online merchant can, and they can’t train their people to become experts in every product category for every brand. Our goal is to provide retailers with selling tools that replicate the online experience for consumers and move them quickly and effectively through the purchase funnel in order to drive sales.”

Indeed, he continues, “Walk into any store today and you will see a lot of consumers “showrooming,” looking at one product and then searching for another on their mobile devices. Interactive kiosks and other digital tools allow consumers to research product and brand information, as well as features and benefits, right there in the store.”

Harrison says that leveraging the strengths of both companies will “enable us to address every aspect of digital strategy for retailers and manufacturers, ranging from local and international interactive ad technology to delivering a compelling and interactive in-store experience in a complete, turnkey solution. Working with Eyeconic tremendously expands the breadth and scope of what we are able to accomplish for our brand partners. We can deploy any volume and variety of content, product or brand information anywhere that a consumer will encounter the product or brand, whether it be an interactive banner ad via GET Interactive, or an interactive sign and/or native app that is developed through Eyeconic. I am very pleased to be working with Jeremy in this new position because we can offer clients a truly robust digital solution that accomplishes all of the objectives they wish for a consumer to experience, regardless of how the consumer comes in contact with the brand or the store.”

About Eyeconic: Eyeconic is a multi-media technology company producing digital signage, digital menus and interactive kiosks for clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to small independent concerns, both globally and domestically. The company is the only concern of its kind to offer its customers complete turnkey solutions. For more information, visit www.eyeconic.tv.

About GET Interactive: Founded by a team of digital media and publishing industry veterans, GET Interactive helps brands, agencies and publishers engage with their customers in a much more meaningful way. The UltraMedia Gallery--GET's premium offer--is a portable micro-site that is built once and deployed everywhere. It works seamlessly across all digital touch points, increasing online engagement and purchase conversion. For more information, visit www.getinteractive.tv.

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