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Hardwood Furniture Guild Releases Video Introducing The Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market

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The Hardwood Furniture Guild announced that it is once again hosting the 2013 Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market in Ohio’s Amish Country, an area which has the distinction of having the largest concentration of hardwood furniture builders in the USA.

Show management says factors that attract furniture retailers to this annual show are, "domestically manufactured furniture, consolidated shipping options, surprising variety, cost-effective customization, and standardized wood coatings."

Registration is open at www.ohiohardwoodfurnituremarket.com, where you can learn more about the builders by browsing or by watching a short informative videos as they are released.

About The Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market: The Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market is an annual trade show that showcases hardwood furniture from Ohio’s Amish Country and the surrounding areas. The show is hosted by the Hardwood Furniture Guild, a non-profit organization within the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce seeking to unite the 100’s of builders in Ohio’s Amish Country.

Established to provide a platform for Amish Country furniture builders to promote and market their furniture, one of the primary ways that the Hardwood Furniture Guild promotes its members is by organizing the Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market.

View the video at...

For more information email info@holmescountychamber.com, call 877.643.8824 or visit www.ohiohardwoodfurnituremarket.com

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