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3DreamDesign Teams Up with SocialNorth to Offer Clients Connection & Collaboration

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ViewIT Technologies, creators of interior design tools, 3Dream.net and The Board™ space planning systems reported the addition of connection and collaboration to their marketing efforts. Beginning in January, SocialNorth (a boutique social media firm) will be igniting, fueling and growing the community of @3DreamDesign on Twitter and Facebook.

“Like many companies, we’ve dipped our toes in the waters of social media and discovered that it takes a great deal of time, energy and creativity to do it well,” says Donna Barlett, President of ViewIT. “We see social media as a powerful, collaborative tool and we’re ready to jump on the social media wave with SocialNorth guiding the way. Because ViewIT's online 3D design tool, 3Dream.net, is visually stimulating, social sharing is a natural fit."

3Dream.net allows interior designers and DIYers to create virtual 3D rooms with their choice of flooring, furnishings, paints and accessories from an extensive catalogue of styles and brands. Used as a brainstorming tool or to visually organize creative ideas, the tool keeps track of chosen products, allowing users to continually test styles and looks in a life-like 3-D setting. It  renders complex artistic concepts simply and easily and removes the leap of faith often needed before a renovation or major purchase. Using social media to connect members of the community to each other and manufacturers is a logical step for ViewIT Technologies.

“We’re looking forward to offering our clients an engaging way to connect and share with each other on a daily basis through SocialNorth,” says Barlett. “And we’re thrilled to work with a dynamic company that sees innovations in social media as business building opportunities.”

“We’re very excited to take on the social media voice of 3Dream,” says Julia Rosien. “3Dream is a powerful online design tool and with Dana’s digital experience and naturally online bubbly personality, we know the conversations will be fast, informative and inspirational.”

About ViewIT Technologies ~ creators of www.3Dream.net:  ViewIT develops design-related sales tools for the Home Products industries that are used by design professionals, retailers and manufacturers. These intuitive visualization products help consumers overcome the "how will it look in my home" buying hesitation. The result is better communication, increased close-ratios and higher average ticket sale amounts.

For more information, contact  Donna Barlett ~ International Director of WithIt (Cofounder of ViewIT Technologies) Email: donnabarlett@gmail.com 

About SocialNorth: SocialNorth is a boutique social media agency that works with mid-sized businesses in the furniture industry, sculpting, training and executing social media strategies. Approaching all online activities from a search perspective (making content more findable), defines SocialNorth as a leader in the social space. SocialNorth also works with national brands in a brand ambassadorship role, creating conversation around product launches.

SocialNorth has offices in the US and Canada and includes Dr. Breus, WIBN, Microsoft and Dove in its client list. Julia Rosien, principle of SocialNorth, has been cited as an insightful and innovative social media leader. With strong roots in the furniture industry, Julia is an often requested speaker/expert at both High Point and Vegas markets and served as WithIt’s 2012 president, former Better Sleep Council member and former communications director for Natura World. Dana Helms joined SocialNorth in September 2012 from MicroD and is also the vice president of social media for WithIt.

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