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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #60 from Lance Hanish-MobileFirst: Mobile Driven Life Is Now A Reality

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The consumer has changed. The consumer is changing again. Consumer behavior toward marketing, shopping, entertainment, information and communication is rapidly changing. The dream of Steve Jobs and his introduction of the iPhone in San Francisco five years ago opened the possibilities of using the phone as a computer. Since that day, so very much has changed with the way consumers search, shop, communicate, inform themselves, read news and respond to advertising and marketing. One thing is for sure: consumers today have become more demanding and less willing to tolerate shoddy experiences on any platform, least of all, mobile.

The new name of the game is adapting. Mickey Alam Kahn, writing in luxurydaily.com says it starts with the evolving behavior at the three key locations in a consumer’s life: Work, Home & Shop.
Work. As business shifts from desktops to laptops and from servers to cloud, consumers are moving toward smaller laptops, tablets and smartphones. BYOD, Bring Your Own Device is catching on.

Employees keep their smartphone next to their computer to text, email, tweet, and post on Facebook, listen to music, shop, search, map or check on the news. On the road, they are leaving the laptop behind for the dual comfort of tablet and smart-phone, both connected to corporate email. Is it the time to debut a personalized app per employee that contains all files and folders needed while on the road or in the office?

Home. The tablet is becoming the in-house device of choice for entertainment and news, second only to the TV set. At some point, the tablet will replace TVs in each bedroom, starting with the kid’s room. The new norm is to watch TV, check out the Web and apps on the tablet, text or tweet via the smartphone, all while conversing with loved ones in the bedroom, den, kitchen or living room. What effect does this have on advertising as consumers tune out commercials while immersed on tablet activity?

Shop. No more kidding around. Amazon is the biggest threat to retailers. Amazon’s PriceCheck app is THE Trojan horse in retail. Take showrooming seriously. Focus on strengthening the relationship with the customer base to make the switching costs higher.

This is the new reality. Mobile devices such as smart-phones, tablets with their con-tent, commerce, entertainment and communications sophistication, have enabled consumers to run their work, home and play lives with the utmost freedom, untethered and uncommitted to nothing but their own satisfactions and instant gratification. Mobile is taking product and pricing transparency to a new level. Mobile is calling the emperor naked.

We live in a new DNAge. Think MOBILEFirst.

Lance Hanish is Co-Founding Partner in CNA | Sophis Integrated Marketing Communications. 

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