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‘Rugs 101’ Covers the Basics at Las Vegas Market

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Cyrus Loloi

Loloi Rugs reported that during the Las Vegas Market at 3 p.m. on January 29 it will present “Rugs 101”. This seminar, titled “What Everybody Ought to Know About Modern Day Rugs,” aims to explain rug care, construction and consumer tips to those who want to know more about these contemporary carpets. “Rugs 101" will be held in the WorldForum seminar room on the 16th floor of Building B, and is free to all in attendance.

While the seminar is a new addition to Las Vegas Market, “Rugs 101” has been a part of Loloi Rugs’ industry training efforts for many years. This comprehensive program led by Loloi executive, Cyrus Loloi, and two product development specialists, began as a brochure designed to be a collateral sales tool to help sales professionals and Loloi customers. Attendees will receive a free, 28-page “Rugs 101” booklet made by Cyrus Loloi.

"We want to do all that we can to help make the transition smooth for those individuals delving into the world of fashionable rugs,” said Cyrus Loloi. "‘Rugs 101’ was designed to help those individuals feel more comfortable selling modern-day rugs to customers, as well as caring for them once they were placed in the home. We’re looking forward to sharing our expertise and experiences with a new wave of rug enthusiasts."

Over the last decade, area rugs have transformed from classic heirlooms to stylish fashion accessories affordable to consumers of all economic backgrounds. “Rugs 101” will address this evolution, covering all the basics from different rug constructions, fiber types and cleaning methods to selecting the right size and identifying the latest trends.

All Las Vegas attendees are invited, including furniture store buyers, interior designers and retailers, as well as members of the press and sales professionals. Attendees are also invited to view Loloi’s entire collection as displayed in their newly expanded 17,500 sq. ft. showroom located in Building B, suite 480 of the World Market Center.

About LOLOI RUGS: Founded in 2004, LOLOI RUGS has become a fashion leader specializing in medium- to high-end area rugs in every style category. Under the expert direction of area rug veteran Amir Loloi, the company has won two consecutive ARTS Awards for “Best Rug Manufacturer” in 2010 and 2011, and one in 2012 for "Best Outdoor Manufacturer." Its six America’s Magnificent Carpets Awards and three Atlanta Visual Display Awards for sophisticated showroom design attest to the company’s commitment to innovation and quality.

LOLOI RUGS is headquartered in Dallas, with to-the-trade showrooms at: 295 Fifth Ave., New York, Showroom #1009 ● DallasMarketCenter, Suite #500 ● Las Vegas Market, Building B, Suite #480 ● High Point, IHFC Showroom #D-320 ● and AmericasMart, Atlanta, Showroom #4-C-7. For more information, visit: www.loloirugs.com. Call: (866) 362-1424.

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