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Stanley Furniture Launches New Showroom At Furnitureland South

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Photo L to R:  Glenn Prillaman, Jeff Harris, Jason Harris, Kevin Bowman, Darrell Harris, Adam Tilley, Randy Wells.

Stanley Furniture reported that it unveiled a new showroom concept in top 100 retailer Furnitureland South. It is located on the first floor of the Showroom Building in front of the flagpole entrance. At approximately 20,000 square feet, it is 30% larger than the gallery it replaced.

Furnitureland South is the first retailer to embrace this new merchandising model and Stanley has hailed it as the trendsetter in high end retailing.

As with its newly opened corporate showroom in Las Vegas, Stanley Furniture incorporated its new ‘grand hall and houses’ concept into the space at Furnitureland South. Inspired by the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, the architecturally resplendent showroom features a long hallway with rooms reflecting upscale lifestyles as offshoots. The showroom is divided into ‘houses’, each representing a unique style: Coastal, New Introductions, Traditional and Contemporary.
Randy Wells, Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development is the creative force behind the design. He explained “Our showrooms are one of the most outwardly visible expressions of our brand and a key component in how we tell the Stanley story. Each space communicates the Stanley persona in a way that resonates with our target audience, providing a shopping experience that feels much like the well appointed homes in which they reside.”

Darrell Harris, founder and CEO of Furnitureland South said, "This merchandising strategy speaks to the way people live and how they want to shop for living spaces. Each house’s theme is designed to offer a total-look solution to consumers and simplifies the buying process. At over a million square feet, Furnitureland South is the single largest furniture store in the world.”

ABOUT STANLEY FURNITURE COMPANY: Established in 1924, Stanley Furniture Company, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of wood furniture targeted at the premium segment of the residential market. The company offers two major product lines. Its Stanley Furniture brand represents its fashion-oriented adult furniture and competes through an overseas sourcing model in the upscale market through superior finish, styling and piece assortment. Its Young America brand is positioned as the leader in the infant and youth segment and differentiates through a domestic manufacturing model catering to parent preferences such as child safety, color, choice and quick delivery of customized special orders. The company’s common stock is traded on the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol STLY. To learn more about Stanley Furniture, visit www.stanleyfurniture.com.

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