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Magniflex Adds 19 To Its Sales Force

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Magniflex, Italy’s largest premium mattress manufacturer, reported that it has made its biggest investment in sales and customer support in North America ever by adding 19 sales representatives in the United States and Canada, over the past several weeks.

The new hires follow the company’s recent appointment of home furnishings veteran Billy Curtright as its U.S. national sales manager this past January. With the new members of its team, Magniflex is now able to service all locations in the U.S. and Canada.

“Our bigger sales force is key to increasing our profile with more U.S. and Canadian retailers and their customers,” said Magniflex USA President Marco Magni. “While other companies may be scaling back service and staffing to their retail accounts, we are expanding ours, and this is a reflection of how important we believe personal service is and how excited we are to bring the Magniflex brand to more retailers on the Continent.”

Led by Curtright, the sales representatives will introduce retailers to Magniflex’s Geoethic, Magnigel and Magniflex collections of mattresses and sleep products, which were unveiled at the company’s new showroom at the Winter Las Vegas Market this past January.

About Maginflex: Magniflex was founded over 50 years ago in a suburb of Florence, Italy, and today more than 35 million people in 80 countries sleep on Magniflex mattresses. Known as a world leader in quality, comfort and innovation, Magniflex was the first mattress company in the world to gain certifications from Oeko Tex. The company’s central manufacturing facility produces up to 10,000 mattresses a day, 80 percent of which are exported to countries such as Japan, Spain, Germany, Russia, the United States and Canada. For more information, visit www.magniflex.us.

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