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Louie Blumkin of Nebraska Furniture Mart Passes At 93

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Louie Blumkin the son of Nebraska Furniture Mart founder Rose Blumkin has died at the age of 93.

Mr. Blumkin was inducted into the American Furniture Hall of Fame at the age of 81. His bio on the www.furniturehalloffame website notes that, "Louie Blumkin (b1919), began his career with his mother, Rose, “Mrs. B” in 1948 at their legendary furniture store, The Nebraska Furniture Mart. He continues at 81 to work there every day. His love for the business and customers is obvious, as he and his family have thrived for over 61 years.

"He has been the leader in several innovative business practices. He once said, “If you’ve got the right price, they will find you even in the middle of a river.” He is an innovator of mass furniture merchandising in “America’s largest volume home furnishings store.” He was one of the first with in-store galleries, as many as five at one time.

"He was one of the first who was successful at combining furniture, carpet, appliances, and electronics with unbelievable market share in all of those categories. Through his direct leadership, Nebraska Furniture Mart has a market share of 70% in Omaha and the surrounding areas, breaking many industry standards and averages.

Louie served five years overseas in the U.S. Army for which he received two purple hearts."

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