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COTTO Presents “IL MOMENTO DELLA VERITA”, The Beauty of Oriental Spirit Through Perfect design & Innovative Products.

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COTTO reported that once again, COTTO is set to enchant visitors at the upcoming Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Milan Design Week) in Milan with its Il Momento Della Verita’, or “The Moment of Truth” exhibition (seel images below). COTTO, a global leader in surface covering and sanitary ware solutions from Thailand, will present its latest concept through products that blend aesthetic excellence, material advancement and world-class production technology.

Participating in its third year, COTTO will showcase its latest collection entitled “Il Momento Della Verita’, so-called because it was inspired by the meditative concepts of peace and tranquility -- a state of being where a person is rid of all the stresses of life, the soul is free of clutter, and the mind is fully able to grasp “truth”. Such is the atmosphere of serenity that COTTO’s designs promise to bring its viewers.

“Our concept, `Il Momento Della Verita’, was inspired by the simple peacefulness of tranquility,” the company explained. “Tranquility is a universal concept sought after by people from all walks of life. Meditation is the road that leads to inner peace and serenity. By cleansing the mind, body and soul of earthly troubles, one can then see the truth of life.”

The annual Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the largest and one of the most prestigious home design exhibitions in the world. Scheduled this April 8th to 13th in Milan , it is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of design enthusiasts from all over the globe, eager to see the best and latest creations in the home furnishing, lighting and fixtures industry, crafted by top artists and premier manufacturers around the world.

Over the past two years of participating in the fair, COTTO has presented awe-inspiring yet relaxing designs through the installations. Their look is clean and calm, the feel is smooth and soothing. With a distinct Oriental perspective, COTTO has consistently demonstrated that unique Thai flair for beauty, simplicity and tranquility.

In 2013, COTTO showcased the ‘Caverna Nirvana’ an extraordinary display that sought to depict a parallel world, equilibrium between body and oriental soul. In 2012, the first year it joined the fair, COTTO introduced Marmo Granito under the concept of ‘The River of Paradise’.

“This year, the booth is designed to remind visitors of a meditation parlour,” the company said. “Peacefulness can be found inside the booth amidst the chaos of the fair.”

And by using the most modern innovations in production technology, COTTO has proven it’s not only after aesthetic superiority, but also state-of-the-art manufacturing expertise. The company applied its artistic brilliance in developing the Marmo Granito, a revolutionary stone known for its exceptionally natural, realistic-looking grain throughout the body. Its luxurious qualities “totally change the modern notion of surface covering,” COTTO says.

This year, COTTO’s booth promises the same extravagance. It is also collaborating with other leadings brands from Thailand such as a signature scent and souvenir by HARNN and textile products for lifestyle and personal adornment by PASAYA.

View and appreciate COTTO’s exquisite display at Stand Nos. 24-25, Superstudio Piu’ via tortona, 27 of Milan’s Salone del Mobile this April. Click http://www.cottoglobal.com/2014/form to register.

COTTO has also supported the work of young designers, both from Thailand and abroad, for two consecutive years now. In 2014, COTTO will support more foreign designers particularly from Portugal, Japan, France, Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, the United Kingdom and Italy . It will also present “Another Perspective2: Another Detail,” a special exhibit that emphasizes the importance of detail above everything else. Through it, COTTO will prove that every single detail can provide unlimited opportunities for both function and beauty. The concept will be displayed at Ventura Lambrate, a curated exhibition that attracts a large, influential audience of journalists, photographers, bloggers, cultural institutions, curators and representatives from the corporate world. It will be held during the Milan Design Week.

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