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Most Recent Furniture Industry Sales Education Articles

RSA Boot Camp For New Hires
Volume 145 NO.1 January/February,  Furniture World Magazine

A structured, two-week training program for new bedding (and furniture) RSAs.

Volume 144 NO.6 November/December,  Furniture World Magazine

Remembering Larry Stein.

Furniture Industry Sales Education Articles

Published 2004 - 2015

RSA Boot Camp For New Hires  - 12/30/2014

A structured, two-week training program for new bedding (and furniture) RSAs.  

You Know You Should Do This in 2015  - 11/21/2014

Five simple selling techniques you should be able to implement flawlessly.  

EDITOR’S CORNER  - 11/21/2014

Remembering Larry Stein.  

Leather Education Guide -Part 3  - 9/29/2014

Panel of industry retailers and manufacturers give Furniture World readers advice on how to position leather offerings for maximum sales through intelligent sales and advertising practices. A leather identification chart and glossary of terms rounds out this three part series.  

Leather Education Guide -Part 2  - 7/9/2014

Panel of industry experts follows up on it’s discussion of current leather trends covered in the last issue, with leather buying facts, advice on servicing and cleaning leather, plus warranties.  

EDITOR’S CORNER  - 7/9/2014

Larry Schneiderman's Eight Foot Rule  

Drop Everything  - 7/8/2014

Ideas, stories and teaching moments adapted from a new, well reviewed book by Larry Schneiderman of Schneiderman’s Furniture.  

Furniture Library Debuts Plaxico Gardens  - 3/16/2014

Bienenstock Furniture Library Gardens to debut during High Pont show.  

Leather Sales Education Guide - Part 1  - 3/16/2014

This two-part series is a complete guide for retail owners, buyers and sales professionals that details leather features, benefits and advantages. It also includes best retail practices from a panel of industry experts.  

Retail: Just Like Your First Date  - 1/3/2014

Retail is full of first dates. Gordon Hecht reflects on how a bit of maturity goes a long way in pleasing customers, partners and improving performance in retail organizations.  

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