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Genesis Software Systems Introduces New Text Messaging Application

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Genesis Software recently introduced their newest application: Genesis Messaging Service. The Genesis Messaging Service enables you to conveniently and automatically send delivery reminders just by scheduling a delivery or send special order notifications just by receiving the purchase order. You can choose text messaging or email to remind your customers, saving time for your staff and saving money on missed deliveries.

Features include:

  • Phone Number - You are assigned a local phone number to be used with the messaging service. 

  • Email Address - You may use your own email address for use with the service, if your email service provider allows use of its smtp server. 

  • Custom Messages - You can choose to customize the message sent, or use the standard settings.

  • Custom Times - You can choose the times your messages are sent, or use standard settings.

  • Reporting - Detailed Sync Reports which list the records in your upload and the resulting reminders scheduled. Activity Reports which include the time, recipient and detail of each text message and email message. Reports can be emailed to you.

For a limited time, Genesis Software clients enrolled in a technical support plan can use the new texting app with free set-up and 100 free text messages per month. Call 509-536-4739 or email sales@genesisadvantage.com to get started.

More about Genesis Software Systems: Genesis Advantage has a strong point of sale, inventory management, and accounting solution that is backed by nearly 30 years of industry experience. This knowledge has been used to create an easy to use system that is designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized furniture retailers.

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