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Nationwide Marketing Group Hosts Regional Division Conference

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Nationwide Marketing Group recently reported that they have capped off their spring regional meeting in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The event, held twice annually, brings together the group’s entire North American leadership team. The spring agenda focused on the group’s continuing strategy to equip their more than 3,500 member companies with programs and services to help them continue to outpace the industry for the balance of 2017.

“These meetings provide our team with the ability to look at current market opportunities from both regional and national perspectives,” shared Nationwide’s Jeff Knock. “Having the full leadership team under one roof lets us quickly assess our challenges and opportunities. Plus, this face-to-face real time communication helps us take decisive and immediate action.”

Nationwide exec Tom Hickman added, “The leaders of Nationwide East, Nationwide West, Nationwide Southwest, Nationwide Florida, United Stores and Cantrex Nationwide listen closely to their members and bring their ideas and concerns to this venue for discussion, planning and implementation.”

These meetings saw Nationwide continue to build on their 2-year Prepare for Share program, which was created to capture the growing consumer base orphaned by the liquidation of hh gregg and the continuing decline of Sears. Nationwide Chairman Dave Bilas noted, “Current changes in the market are perfectly timed to allow our Members to transition from our preparation phase to our implementation phase. The program’s results to date give us great confidence in our Members’ ability to capture those available consumers, while growing their profitability. We’ve seen Members who participate in the Prepare for Share program improve gross margin percentage up to 170 basis points, year over year.”

The meeting wrapped up with an in-depth planning session for Nationwide’s twice annual PrimeTime Buying Show. Bilas explained, “PrimeTime is always evolving and this year is no exception. We’ve evaluated feedback from our successful March show along with post-show surveys. We look forward to continuing to host the most valuable show experience in the business. This summer we return to the Las Vegas and expect this to be our best PrimeTime yet!”

Nationwide’s PrimeTime returns to the Venetian and Palazzo in Las Vegas, from August 20-23. Member registration opens in June.

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