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Magniflex Receives Endorsement From The American Chiropractic Association

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Magniflex reports that it’s most popular mattresses, the MagniStretch, recently received an endorsement by the American Chiropractic Association.

The American Chiropractic Association is the largest professional organization in the United States representing chiropractors. The ACA provides professional and educational opportunities to help increase awareness and also partners with other passionate organizations to enhance their mission across the U.S. Magniflex was one such organization, whose passion to offer the best sleep technologies for all, led them to a mutually beneficial partnership. Magniflex’s MagniStretch mattress went through rigorous testing to earn the approval from one the ACA’s most respected chiropractic physicians. Magniflex is currently the only mattress company to have an endorsement by the ACA.

The MagniStretch mattress was developed in cooperation with a leading orthopedic research team at Zaragoza University in Europe. Magniflex was given an exclusive patent for their mattress technology, which gently stretches and elongates the spine during sleep to alleviate back and neck pain. The revolutionary Magnistretch mattress technology uses the pressure exerted by the body to move the two sets of inclined foam sections in opposite directions. This movement gently stretches and decompresses the spinal column by increasing the space between your vertebrae, increasing blood flow and releasing the pain. The ACA was thoroughly impressed by the patented technology and recommended Magniflex’s presence at various chiropractic events to help spread the word.

Magniflex is flattered to have received an endorsement from such a highly regarded medical organization. Magniflex’s President, Marco Magni, had this to say about the recent endorsement, “The recent endorsement by the ACA is a testament to Magniflex’s commitment to superior quality and innovation. Magniflex aims to offer the healthiest sleep for all and this new f ound partnership is proof of this initiative. We’re proud of our ACA endorsement.”

For more information, visit https://www.acatoday.org/About/Endorsements

More about Magniflex: Magniflex is a 55-year old company that currently exports its products to 98 different countries. There dedication to quality has earned them the highly regarded Oeko-Tex certification, over 35 million happy customers and a very bright future. The Las Vegas Market was the perfect display of their success and their constant innovation ensures that they continue the tradition.

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