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Classy Art Gives Harvey Bonuses

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Classy Art, a manufacturer and distributor of framed art and wall décor, reports that it has finally returned to operations on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, following the forced shut down due to Harvey. Owners Jonathan and Gabriel Cohen were unable to make it to the office due to dealing with their own personal losses, 3 houses, and one vehicle, as well as helping the community who lost so much more. When they were able to take a break, they managed to make it to the office and called an emergency meeting. Dressed in ratty t-shirts, cargo shorts, and waterproof boots, they thanked everyone for making it in to work through Hell and high water (literally), and then they announced that the entire staff, both office and warehouse personnel, was to receive a $1,000 bonus to help them through rough times they had just been through and the rough time that lay ahead. Then, just like that, they were gone. Back to the grind of ripping out carpets, sheetrock for family friends and neighbors. During the evenings, they went back to hitting social meeting connecting people and pets that were trapped with people that had rescue resources and were trying to help.

“On Saturday night, the first night of the storm, my Mercedes ended up completely under water up to the dash board. I was actually trapped inside with my wife and two kids (ages 12 and 4), and it was scary. Once we were back to safety, needless to say, I was livid about my car. However, the next morning, I realized that I was on the phone telling my parents (Classy Art’s founder) what to put on the pool table because they would probably be stuck on it for several days. Get floatation devices, pillows, blankets, food, water, gun, etc. Keep one cell phone off, and the other conserve the battery as long as possible. Have a way to the roof if water gets higher than the pool table. I was only half a mile from them, but I had Buffalo Bayou between us, so I might as well have been 1,000 miles away. When all this starting sinking in, my car didn’t matter at all. Our houses that took water didn’t matter. I finally realized what it means when people say, ‘they are only possessions, and the fact that we are safe is all that matters.’ It wasn’t just something people said anymore. It was my reality. My paradigm went upside down. For the next several days all I could do was attempt to help people that were stranded. There are still people stranded today. Regarding our employees, whether they took in water or not, everyone has suffered in some way or another. Everyone has family that took in water. Everyone has friends that have felt this insane devastation. I wish I could give even more. Actually, we are working on that now via a GoFundMe page for those employees that flooded.” – Gabriel Cohen (President)

The owner’s Gabriel and Jonathan’s first day back to work was Monday, September 4, 2017, and instead of catching up on emails or preparing for High Point, he was busy setting up a page to raise funds for his staff members that actually did flood. Those that flooded did not have insurance, and they lost everything. “It's just heart-wrenching,” says Gabriel Cohen. So, he sent a blast out to friends, family, colleagues, vendors, etc. to donate and share the link. The page that tells the full story and how to donate is here:

More About Classy Art: Classy Art is a family owned and operated business that was established in 1987 by Beatriz and Isaac Cohen, but later acquired by sons Jonathan and Gabriel Cohen. What began as manufacturing a single size product in a single frame has since developed into one of the leading sources for all types of wall hangings/décor, and it has grown over 1,000% in the 12 years under the sons’ leadership. As a one-stop shop for retailers, Classy Art offers framed prints, framed and unframed canvases, mirrors, metal and wood wall décor, and several types of displays. The company’s strengths lay in its dedication to the furniture retail channel, and it has built the company products, policies, and procedures around the needs of those retailers. For more information visit www.ClassyArt.net.

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