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Better Bedding & Mattress Sales Series  Article Series

A comprehensive sales and marketing series on how to merchandise, promote and sell everything in the mattress deparatment including pillows, mattress protectors and power foundations.

Series Articles

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales Series: What’s On Your Floor?


Ideas for merchandising your mattress showroom so you can show enough beds, the right beds, and the ones your customers want to buy.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales Series: Money Under Your Mattresses


How Gardner’s Mattress & More turned a fax offering into a profitable Sign Sleep Dream promotion.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: Control Every Mattress Sale!


The final outcome of the mattress sales process depends almost entirely on whether the RSA keeps control or gives up control to the customer. Here’s how to stay in control.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: Sizing Up Your Competition


How to get information on your mattress competition, profile them, and use this information to close more sales.

Mattress Series: The Mattress Warehouse Part 2


Here is a collection of ideas on how to arrange and run a mattress warehouse for optimum efficiency. This article can be useful as a check list when opening a new warehouse or as a training guide for new warehouse personnel.

Selecting The Mattress Warehouse


If you haven’t set up a mattress warehouse before, are looking for new/additional space, or want a quick review of important considerations, read on.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales Series: Shorthanded Again?


Training new-hires, as every small and large store owner knows, is a problem that never ends. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to structure a program for new hires that will set them up for success and longevity on your sales floor.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: Part 11 - Oh Natural!


Part 11: Are we in the middle of a bedding revolution, an evolution, or is it a non-starter for your operation?

Retail Success Stories Part 19: Sit ‘n Sleep


With his long-time partner and friend, Nelson Bercier, President of Sit ‘n Sleep, Larry Miller just opened his thirty-second store. They have plans for expansion to 40 stores over the next three years. More than 300 highly trained employees serve Sit ‘n Sleep’s clients’ needs and sales have surged past $100 million annually.

Bedding Anatomy 104: More Components


The 10th installment in our Better Bedding & Mattress Sales series continues with a close look at the latex and gel used in mattresses, their features and benefits.

Bedding Anatomy 103: Foam Used In Mattresses


The 9th installment in Furniture World Magazine's Better Bedding & Mattress Sales series continues with a close look at foam.

Better Bedding & Sales Series - Part 8: Bedding Anatomy 102


This time, we continue our exploration of mattress anatomy by looking at springs and their role in mattress support, comfort and durability.

Bedding Anatomy 101


The past seven installments in this series on selling better bedding presented tools and techniques the best retail furniture stores use to price, promote and present mattresses, pillows, mattress protectors and foundations. This time, we start an exploration of mattress components and construction with when, why and how to bring up components and construction.

Selling Better Bedding & Mattresses Series - Power Bases


Part six of Furniture World’s selling better bedding series features expert sales tips and techniques that will help you to increase attachment rates on power bases.

Selling Sleep Essentials - Pillows & Mattress Protectors


Part five of Furniture World’s selling better bedding series features expert sales tips and techniques for furniture and bedding retailers that want to sell more pillows and mattress protectors

Don't Sell Mattresses... Sell ”Quality of Life” Through the Science of Sleep.


Part four of our selling better bedding series looks at creating demand by using the “Science of Sleep” approach.

Dreaming Of Better Bedding Sales - Part 3


Some best and worst bedding sales practices in furniture and bedding stores.

Dreaming Of Better Bedding Sales - Part 2


This month, our series on how to sell more higher-end bedding continues with additional ideas to help you and your salespeople create a focused and consistent marketing approach. See what the experts say about shifting the emphasis away from price by creating a plan for advertising, approaching customers, greeting them and asking appropriate questions to advance the sale.

Dreaming Of Better Bedding Sales?


This is the first part in a series that looks at how retailers can sell more higher-end bedding. In this issue, we define the luxury bedding category, present information on customer demographics and start to look at what experts say about best sales practices.

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