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Articles published in 2014

RSA Boot Camp For New Hires  - 12/30/2014

A structured, two-week training program for new bedding (and furniture) RSAs.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: Should You Draw A Line In The Sand?  - 12/30/2014

How one mattress retailer decided to stop selling lower priced mattresses that accounted for 20 percent of its sales, and why.

Retail Success Story: Great American Home Store  - 12/30/2014

Fast growing Memphis, TN based retailer has passion for the industry and sweats the details.

Are You Marketing Like It’s 1987?  - 12/30/2014

It has never been easier to take market share from competitors as it is right now in 2015! And here’s why.

Help Today’s Design Focused Customers To Buy From You  - 12/30/2014

Adapting your store to meet the expectations of todays design focused customers requires an understanding of four major influences on their shopping and buying behavior.

Is An ESOP A Good Idea For You?  - 12/30/2014

Employee Stock Ownership Plans Deserve a Close Look for Business Transition.

The Sorry Truth About Training  - 12/30/2014

Nothing much will change for the majority of furniture retailers in 2015. But for those few who do what’s necessary to get to the next level, the sky’s the limit.

EDITOR’S CORNER  - 12/30/2014

A Positive Tipping Point For Furniture In 2015?

Get Your Fair Share of Bedding Sales In 2015  - 12/29/2014

In most home furnishings stores 96% of shoppers leave without buying a mattress. Here are 11 ways to do better in 2015.

Woman To Woman: Female Leadership & The Furniture Consumer  - 12/28/2014

Retailers are still challenged by an inherent lack of understanding about what women want and how they shop differently from men. What can be done?

An End To Replace, Return, Refund: How To Reach 100% Perfect Deliveries  - 12/28/2014

If you are interested in 100% first-time delivery, read this article, but note: Unless you and your managers are willing to demand nothing less than perfect, don’t bother.

What To Do When The Competition Enters Your Market  - 12/27/2014

Retailers across the country are asking what they should do to prepare for well known chain stores and others that are entering their marketplaces. Here’s the answer to those questions.

The Art & Science of Retail Scents  - 11/21/2014

Research and anecdotal evidence shows that ambient scenting in retail stores improves the customer experience. Precisely how to scent a store, however, requires a lot of thought and attention to detail.

The Customer Service Challenge  - 11/21/2014

Challenge yourself to find at least five opportunities in each example presented in this article to turn good into great customer service!

Sell More Rugs Than You Thought Possible - Part 2  - 11/21/2014

More success strategies from rug experts of vital interest to retail furniture store owners, buyers and sales professionals. The discussion continues (from September/October Furniture World) with an emphasis on retail sales training programs and sales techniques.

How To Do The Impossible At Retail In 2015  - 11/21/2014

How do you identify and prioritize retail opportunities this coming year? What course of action should you take to do what you now consider impossible?

What To Do About Those RSA’s In 2015  - 11/21/2014

Tips on how to find, hire, evaluate and compensate what could be your most important assets.

You Know You Should Do This in 2015  - 11/21/2014

Five simple selling techniques you should be able to implement flawlessly.

Retail Success Story: Schneiderman’s- The Call Of The Couch  - 11/21/2014

Larry Schneiderman, head of the Minnesota-based six-store chain Schneiderman’s furniture talks about his life at retail, what he learned and who he learned if from along the way.

EDITOR’S CORNER  - 11/21/2014

Remembering Larry Stein.

Reverse Supply Chain Logistics  - 9/29/2014

Reverse supply chain logistics is the practice of controlling resources that are returned, repairable, reusable or recyclable. It’s a catchy phrase for business activities that turn normally wasteful occurrences into profit.

Sell More Rugs Than You Ever Thought Possible - Part 1  - 9/29/2014

Thoughts and success strategies from rug experts for retail furniture store owners, buyers and sales professionals.

Sweating The Retail Details - Part 2  - 9/29/2014

Here are ten, non-negotiable, must do items. If you do them you will succeed. If you don’t do them, you will continue to struggle and achieve far less than your company is capable of.

How Much Is Too Much Busy-Ness  - 9/29/2014

There are quite a few four-letter words that might offend. Perhaps one of the most surprisingly offensive and counterproductive four-letter word is BUSY.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: A Bed Seller’s Guide To Customer Service  - 9/29/2014

What policies should you set to respond intelligently to a customer’s (buyer’s) after-the-sale enquiries or complaints?

Retail Success Story: Critelli’s Furniture - 100 Years Done Right  - 9/29/2014

Critelli’s makes a big deal of it’s centenary celebration.

EDITOR’S CORNER  - 9/29/2014

Formula For Success: Become Relevant

Furniture Library Debuts Hadley Court Center For Design Collaboration  - 9/29/2014

The Hadley Court Center for Design Collaboration is a high tech meeting room where designers, students, manufacturers, academics, industry associations and local High Point civic and cultural organizations can collaborate on projects, hold seminars, meetings and educational events.

Leather Education Guide -Part 3  - 9/29/2014

Panel of industry retailers and manufacturers give Furniture World readers advice on how to position leather offerings for maximum sales through intelligent sales and advertising practices. A leather identification chart and glossary of terms rounds out this three part series.

Seven Performance Indicators You Should Track  - 7/9/2014

Here are seven indicators you can use to know your business better, plus how you can use this information to surpass your unfocused competitors.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales Series: What’s On Your Floor?  - 7/9/2014

Ideas for merchandising your mattress showroom so you can show enough beds, the right beds, and the ones your customers want to buy.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales Series: Money Under Your Mattresses  - 7/9/2014

How Gardner’s Mattress & More turned a fax offering into a profitable Sign Sleep Dream promotion.

Retail Success Story: Art Van Furniture  - 7/9/2014

Art Van Furniture is the top family owned furniture retailer in the Midwest and the fifteenth largest in the United States.Get the story about how “Mr. Van” made it happen.

Leather Education Guide -Part 2  - 7/9/2014

Panel of industry experts follows up on it’s discussion of current leather trends covered in the last issue, with leather buying facts, advice on servicing and cleaning leather, plus warranties.

Sweating The Retail Details  - 7/9/2014

Business ups and downs you may consider normal, can add up to make the difference between huge profits or crushing losses.

Getting Beyond Your Numbers  - 7/9/2014

The secret to selling more, earning more and improving lives.

EDITOR’S CORNER  - 7/9/2014

Larry Schneiderman's Eight Foot Rule

Win At the Name Game!  - 7/8/2014

The last line on the theme song for TV sitcom Cheers went something like, “You want to go where everyone knows your name”. Here are simple inexpensive ideas for keeping your store’s name front and center.

Drop Everything  - 7/8/2014

Ideas, stories and teaching moments adapted from a new, well reviewed book by Larry Schneiderman of Schneiderman’s Furniture.

Open This Box If You Dare!  - 5/22/2014

Four out-of-the-box ideas for retailers who do the same things year after year.

Managing Change: The Transformative Power of Performance Group  - 5/22/2014

This article describes a number of powerful practices that act as a catalyst for retail growth. Each can help make your business operations more efficient, and maximize sales, profitability, and cash flow.

Managing Change: 2+2=5  - 5/22/2014

How to tell your staff that you plan to do things differently, and motivate them to do it your way!

Managing Change: Eight Reasons Why Change Initiatives Fail  - 5/22/2014

There are eight main reasons why 90 percent of companies, large and small, fail at bringing new ideas to their businesses. Here’s what you can do to improve your odds of success.

Managing Change: Follow Up Strategies For Success  - 5/22/2014

Six follow-up strategies to help keep change initiatives on track to grow your furniture business.

When To Bring In The Big Guns  - 5/22/2014

A retailer’s perspective on using an outside company to do a GOB, inventory reduction, cash raising sale or other high impact promotion.

Risky Business: Part 4 - Your Risk For Online Exposure  - 5/22/2014

Today the news is full of stories about online threats directed against countries and large businesses. Although high level hackers may not be targeting your store specifically, you are still at risk of loss from a number of internal and external exposures.

Retail Success Story: Kane’s Furniture  - 5/22/2014

Kane’s, now the 43rd largest furniture chain in the United States has a history of managing the bottom line.

Editor's Corner: Taming power of the small.  - 5/22/2014

Often, organizational change is the result of exposure to big ideas that can transform the nature of a business and how its employees, customers and supplers interact.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: Control Every Mattress Sale!  - 3/17/2014

The final outcome of the mattress sales process depends almost entirely on whether the RSA keeps control or gives up control to the customer. Here’s how to stay in control.

Retail Success Story: Toms Price  - 3/17/2014

A case study on thriving through four generations. Chicago area based retail chain shares secrets on how they’ve stayed successful when so many mid to high-end stores have not.

Retail: Also A Game of Failure?  - 3/17/2014

Moving from failing 80% of the time to only 70% of the time, your sales volume goes up by 50%. It’s a lot like Baseball in terms of hitting and coaching.

Big Time Social Media Bottom Line Boost - Part 2  - 3/17/2014

To stand out from the crowd you must become the most trusted authority on home furnishings and mattress sets in your marketing area. You must learn to tie peripheral type E beliefs to deeper type D authority figure beliefs as described in this article.

LED Lighting Update 2014  - 3/17/2014

Here’s the latest on price drops and quality improvements for the 4th generation of LED’s.

Sales Process Engineering 2014 - Part 2  - 3/17/2014

You will never maximize your customer opportunities, your store sales and your profitability without a sales staff that controls the sales interaction from start to finish.

EDITOR’S CORNER  - 3/17/2014

Winter Retail Lessons

Improve Merchandise Performance Using GMROI  - 3/16/2014

Willingness to use GMROI as a tool is one factor that separates best performing stores from their peers.

Furniture Library Debuts Plaxico Gardens  - 3/16/2014

Bienenstock Furniture Library Gardens to debut during High Pont show.

Leather Sales Education Guide - Part 1  - 3/16/2014

This two-part series is a complete guide for retail owners, buyers and sales professionals that details leather features, benefits and advantages. It also includes best retail practices from a panel of industry experts.

Retail: Just Like Your First Date  - 1/3/2014

Retail is full of first dates. Gordon Hecht reflects on how a bit of maturity goes a long way in pleasing customers, partners and improving performance in retail organizations.

Sales Volume Planning 2014  - 1/3/2014

By using the break-even sales equation your business can see in advance what volume will be required to produce your desired profit. You will be able to create a meaningful strategy and plan better for the upcoming year.

Better Bedding & Mattress Sales: Sizing Up Your Competition  - 1/3/2014

How to get information on your mattress competition, profile them, and use this information to close more sales.

Do Your Customers Value Mattress Innovation?  - 1/3/2014

GoodBed.com conducted a survey of 1000 visitors and found out that a large number of consumers would buy a new mattress that’s an exact replica of their current one. This article reviews the data and examines the surprising implications at retail.

Retail Success Story: Gallery Furniture  - 1/3/2014

A detailed look at how Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale used W. Edwards Deming’s teachings to change the corporate culture of retail giant Gallery Furniture. Read how McIngvale scrapped sales commissions and quotas, got rid of his accounts payable department, instituted same day delivery and learned how to foster leadership within his organization.

Big Time - Social Media - Bottom Line Boost!  - 1/3/2014

The first part of a two part series on how the wise independent can now make important inroads in market share by integrating social media and the Internet with other media.

Connecting Through Rooms & Goals  - 1/3/2014

Before salespeople can effectively address shopper’s needs and motivations, managers must work to establish a meaningful connection between your salespeople and your store’s stated objectives and mission.

Sales Process Engineering 2014 - Part 1  - 1/3/2014

Most home sector salespeople are amateurs. For them, selling furniture is like Las Vegas… simply a game of chance. Here’s how you can change all that in your organization.

EDITOR’S CORNER: If It Ain’t Broke...  - 1/3/2014

Retailers make myriad important decisions every day. Each of these can be a choice to tweak, alter, destroy, build, or do nothing at all.