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Reverie Opens Its Doors To Re-Vamped Vegas Showroom

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Reverie, a leading manufacturer of innovative adjustable beds, announced that it will welcome retailers to its refreshed showroom in World Market Center, B-925, at the Las Vegas Furniture Market, January 28th - February 1st. The space will feature an updated aesthetic along with a new dedicated tech-section showcasing the company’s latest accessories and innovations.

Reflecting a color scheme first introduced on the company’s new website, Reverie is now bringing that look to life in its showroom, which will feature soothing blue and gray graphic elements along with updated professional imagery to support the company’s latest product introductions. Designed with the Reverie tagline in mind – “Sleep Well Tonight. Live Better Tomorrow™” – the imagery focuses on the healthy restorative sleep for which Reverie is known as well as the company’s forward-thinking innovation that creates a friendly environment for both relaxing and working in bed.

Upon entering the showroom, retailers will immediately see two “Tech Tables,” offering hands-on interactive displays that demonstrate how Reverie products are created to cater to today’s 24/7 lifestyle. The dedicated tech-central stations will showcase Reverie accessories, including wireless remote stands, “made for mobile” modules, remote frequency outlets as well as tablets showcasing the new Reverie remote app available through Apple iTunes and Google Play. This infotainment approach is designed to engage retailers while demonstrating how high-tech accessories paired with a Reverie Sleep System can improve their showroom offerings.

“With our extensive research and development, Reverie has consistently managed to remain ahead of the competition when it comes to bedroom technology. We want our showroom space to reflect that on-going message by providing dealers with an interactive retail experience that highlights our inventive bases as well as our unique accessories,” said Reverie Director of Marketing Lisa Tan. “Unveiling this refreshed space will also help us welcome Reverie’s newest and most advanced product introduction, the 7S (Supreme) featuring the built-in ‘Made for Mobile’ technology.”

Reverie’s full portfolio of adjustable bases will be available for rest-tests at market, including the debut of the 7S (Supreme). The 7S is the company’s most technologically advanced base on the market, featuring built-in wireless connectivity capabilities that introduce the concept of “bedroom automation” to the industry, giving consumers the most ergonomic, seamless bedroom technology experience possible. The 7S is also a standout for its new, sophisticated ‘deck-on-deck’ aesthetic available with five upholstery options. The Reverie 5D (Deluxe) features patented massage technology along with pre-set adjustable positions including the popular “Anti-Snore” and “Zero Gravity” settings. The Reverie 3E (Essential Plus) is a budget friendly option that allows sleepers to raise their head and feet into their most relaxed sleeping position.

About Reverie: Reverie is a leading manufacturer of innovative adjustable beds, mattresses and pillows to the trade and directly to consumers. The company operates facilities in Massachusetts, Michigan and New York, where production, distribution, and research and development take place. Reverie manufactures its products in the United States and continues to be a cutting-edge leader and innovator in the sleep products industry. For more information, visit www.reverie.com.

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