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When You Buy Quality, You Cry But Once


by Peter A. Marino

One day while shopping in my store
A man taught me the way to soar;
No longer was I dinosaur
Among those living by their sales.
Now listen to this tale of tales
A wise man shared with me in store
A way that caused my sales to soar.
That day not he but I was sold
By what on that day I was told:
”When you buy quality, my son,
You cry, but once; you’ll hit home run
What costs a little’s worth as much.” 1
The man just had that golden touch.
To who would lean on pusher’s stunts,
He gave fair warning to that dunce.
“Who makes a purchase based on price
Might just as well be rolling dice.”
That day he taught me how to sell,
To end each day with well-earned pride
By being buyer at the side
Of buyer. What a paradox!
My sales went up, so did my stocks.

1 This saying is found in Cervantes’Don Quijote de la Mancha: “Que poco cuesta, poco vale.”