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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #122 from Lance Hanish: How To Make Consumers Click On Your Mobile Ads

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When we first talk to people about mobile and their business, they invariably say their mobile ad click-through rates are low. Why?

Believe it or not, standard banners continue to be the dominant ad format regardless of the studies or industry feedback that would agree that they are largely ineffective. With eyeballs rapidly shifting to mobile devices, publishers are reporting 50% of traffic is now generated from phones and tablets. The fact of why their mobile business is not better is because their mobile ad budgets are not following the change in consumer behavior at the same pace.

In an article written by Jim Wolfinger in Mobile Commerce Daily, he says we constantly see what looks like online ads re-purposed for mobile with little consideration for the mobile user experience and with messaging that is cluttered and unreadable on small screens. Advertisers need to be more accountable for delivering high-quality ads specifically created for mobile devices versus quick fixes that reuse existing assets.

With publishers, there exists an interruption issue where ad placements are prone to compromising the user experience: placing ads at points during the in- application user experience where there is not a natural break for an advertisement. Advertisers and publishers need to do more to contribute to juicing up some of the low-hanging fruit.

The industry needs to break away from the standard banner that offers advertisers limited space for communicating messages. It needs to explore ad formats that for advertisers are proving to be far more effective in terms of engagement and, for publishers, generate higher CPMs. Other ad formats include rich media and video, with the latter already proving to deliver significantly better results. Video is showing sensational increases of engagement. At CNA|SOPHIS, the use of video is experiencing 170% increases.

And just as important as it is in other media such as television and radio, the timing of advertisements on mobile devices plays a critical role in determining the click-through-rate or effectiveness of an ad.

Part of the problem and the largest earner for mobile ads is the obvious and logical place for an ad has been to place 320×50 banners at the bottom or top of iPhone and Android phone screens. For consumers, they see this ad placement as an interruption and they DO NOT like it.

A natural and logical progression could be to place ads at the end of a story, for example, post-roll ads at a time when consumers are more receptive to accepting advertising. This improved timing results in higher user engagement, which generates improved advertising campaign performance for advertisers.

Today’s mobile users are turned off by ads that are too intrusive. However, they are showing high levels of engagement if the ad is shown in a timely, relevant and respectful way.

Mobile in the world of integrated marketing today, is absolutely important. It is the most important aspect of your marketing strategy this year. That is why we say, MOBILENow!
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Lance Hanish is Co-Founding Partner in CNA | Sophis Integrated Marketing Communications. 

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