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Hurtado Furniture Debuts Mon And Dali Collection At Fall High Point Market 2014

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HURTADO FURNITURE reported that it will debut  the MON Collection and the DALI Collection, two very distinct and refined collections, at the upcoming High Point Market on Oct. 18-23, 2014.

The two distinct collections characterize HURTADO’s classic designs that are deeply rooted in artisan traditions which is seen in the DALI Collection and also presents a contemporary and sleek design with the MON Collection that carries the HURTADO touch of tradition. The collections will be presented at 208 English Road. High Point, North Carolina.

HURTADO’s newest collection, The MON Collection, has modern and sleek lines that are carried through the full collection that includes a bedroom, dining room, occassional pieces, and executive office. The collection has self-closing doors & drawers, leather hardware, and soft flowing edges. The MON Collection captures the spirit of innovation and forward thinking design that is found at HURTADO and is available in a choice of finishes such as lacquer, matte, satin, and high sheen with a choice of woods that include walnut, maple, rosewood, and oak.

DALI is a full collection of highly elegant and traditional designs marked by HURTADO’s use of wood carving and features the use of gold accents and burnished edges to accentuate elegance. The DALI Collection is made of Root Elm and is available in two finishes which are Elm and Walnut. DALI is a full collection that includes a bedroom, dining room, an executive desk and credenza made of and walnut veneers along with the option of hand applied gold leaf details for complete executive office decoration. DALI allows versatility in dimensions, finishes, marquetry and inlays, and adapts to the spirit of customization.

HURTADO is one of Spain’s leading manufacturers of upscale and European-style furniture. With service, innovation, and craftsmanship as a constant of its business, the firm strives to produce furniture which is always interesting and appealing for different market sectors and clientele. The versatility and contrast that are found in the MON and DALI Collection captures HURTADO’S ability to continuously commit to excellence and tradition while also having the ability to modernize and renovate. At HURTADO’s factory in Valencia, Spain, each piece of furniture is produced according to traditional hand- crafting techniques and uses the most advanced technology in systems of production and quality control. HURTADO makes a presence in more than 40 countries including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. “We have been on the market for more than 70 years now and this long-lasting experience has helped us to keep alive the ancient crafts and an exquisite taste for details and top- quality materials.” says Fran Hurtado, CEO of the company.

Some of the highlights of the MON Collection and the DALI Collection which are all exquisitely made in Spain that can be seen at the market are the MON Bar Furniture (#MN2010) which has an LED light that automatically comes on when the doors open for a dazzling effect along with a chrome base and a wood trim accent that matches the case finish. The MON Occasional Tables (#MN1004 and #MN1005) are both modern and classic and feature a chrome base and can be used separately or together as nesting tables. The DALI Executive Desk (#DA7001) highlights HURTADO’s specialty in home-office furniture, dining, and bedrooms and exemplifies HURTADO’s use of hand crafted wood for an executive desk that makes a statement. Another highlighted piece of the collection is the DALI Credenza (#DA2005) which is offers sophistication and high elegance. The DALI Credenza is available in different finishes of elm and walnut veneers including hand applied gold leaf details for complete executive office decoration. The highlighted pieces are only a part of the entire MON and DALI collection by HURTADO FURNITURE.

HURTADO was founded in 1940 by in Spain and has its beginnings making altar pieces made of marble and wood in South America, Central America, and Spain. HURTADO FURNITURE is now a third generation company that has grown into one of the most internationally renowned furniture producer of high-end furniture by preserving the hallmarks and traditions of the HURTADO brand.

For more information, please visit our official website: www.hurtadofurniture.com

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