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TRAX Announces Free Paging Feature To Alert Salespeople Up Next

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Trax reported that it's retail UpBoard used by furniture nationwide will incorporate a new paging feature. 

"When a salesperson’s name moves into second position on a sales floor the Trax UpBoard sends a text that says: 'You’re Up Next'", says Dave Mink, President of the company that produces UpBoard and Traffic Counters.   "This is helpful if a salesperson is busy in the back room or otherwise occupied and sometimes needs a friendly reminder to get ready for the next opportunity."

This service works on the backbone of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and all major carriers. "It's  easy to set up," adds Mink, "Just add the salespersons phone number on the setup screen and it automatically begins to work. It also sends the text within one second, under normal circumstances, of movement into position on the upboard."

This new feature compliments the Customer Relationship Management system that Trax provides giving salespeople even more tools to improve personal performance and customer service.

The patented system provides management over 30 revealing reports such as conversion ratios, advertising effectiveness and is free to use for the first month and then can be leased for $79 per month.

The TRAX guarantee is that if they can’t increase every salespersons personal sales by $5,000 per month, then it will not cost the dealer a penny.

"The reason Trax has over 4000 satisfied customers," concludes Mink, "is because the upboard is designed with the salesperson in mind and provides a new level of professional harmony on the sales floor that improves customer service and insures more professional follow-up of unsold customers."

For more information visit www.traxsales.com or email sales@traxsales.com.

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