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Malouf Helps Local Cancer Patients and Creates Awareness for Men’s Health


Malouf announced that for the second year Malouf utilized the energy of Movember, a national organization raising awareness for men’s health, to bring its employees together by growing mustaches. Malouf also held its annual charity auction to raise money for Movember. This year, however, Malouf added another auction recipient, Cache Valley for Hope, a local non-profit that assists cancer patients with their finances.

The donation to Cache Valley for Hope closely follows Malouf’s recently announced commitment to create Comfort Kits for all area residents diagnosed with breast cancer during the year. Cache Valley for Hope will use the contribution from Malouf to assist cancer patients with their immediate financials needs and help them return to a self-sufficient lifestyle after treatment is completed.

Movember’s quip slogan, “Changing the Face of Men’s Health” gives its participants permission to push their upper-lip hair beyond their usual comfort zone. Growing mustaches together, the men of Malouf—supported by their female co-workers—partnered with Movember by donating money and using the mustache as a conversation starter for men’s health issues.

“Whether it’s bringing comfort to someone diagnosed with breast cancer or helping someone better understand a difficult situation, it all comes back to impacting a life in a meaningful way,” said Sam Malouf, the CEO of Malouf. “Regardless of size or reach, taking the opportunity to give back can have a huge impact in the lives of the people who receive it. I am very happy to be part of a team who will come together and help others.”

The auction, held at Malouf’s headquarters, brought over 200 friends and family of Malouf employees. Malouf contributed its products to the auction and worked with several neighboring businesses that donated other products and services. The auction generated thousands of dollars that Malouf split between Cache Valley for Hope and Movember.

Members from the Cache Valley for Hope board attended the event and expressed deep gratitude on behalf of those who would benefit from the donations.

“We’re proud of the impact Cache Valley for Hope has had on many people and families affected by cancer in our community and grateful for those who help in supporting the foundation,” said Heidi Bullock, a director at Cache Valley for Hope. “I cannot adequately express the appreciation of those who receive help because of events like this.”

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