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Weekly Furniture World Media Note #133 from Lance Hanish: 10 Ways Your Business Can Use Twitter To Engage With Your Target Audience

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One of the keys to opening up engagement with potential customers for brands isthrough social media and an important influencing tool is Twitter. While many consider this platform simply a ‘now’ vehicle to use to promote where one is and/or what one is experiencing, Twitter is also a sensational tool for pushing curious and interested targets in your direction.

Lauren Dugan in SocialTimes (02.28.15) wrote that there were 10 ways to grow our Twitter account in order for your tweets not to fall on deaf ears.

  1. Follow others. One of the quickest ways to get more Twitter followers is to actively seek out and follow others. The more accounts you follow, the more likely they will follow you back – so follow a few hundred, and 100 of them should follow you back within a few days! 

  2. Purchase ads. If you don’t have the time or patience to grow your first Twitter followers organically, you can purchase promoted account ads and get your account in front of thousands of targeted potential followers. This is a great option for businesses that need to grow quickly. 
  3. Use search. Search for your local connections, industry experts, business connections and more. If you find interesting accounts, give them a follow. Many will not follow you back, but if you do this consistently, you will start to see more and more following you back as your account grows. 
  4. Update your business cards. Add your Twitter handle to your business cards, and new connections will be likely to follow you. This can be a great way to increase targeted followers, since everyone you share your business card with is a potential prospect, partner or other business connection. 
  5. Tell everyone. Chances are, you know more than 100 people. So why not tell them that your business has a Twitter account? Leverage your existing network by asking them to follow you on Twitter. Send them an email, a text, a message on LinkedIn… however you normally converse with them, just send them a little note to let them knowyou’re on Twitter, and you’d like them to follow you. 
  6. Use hashtags. By using hashtags in your tweets, you will ensure they are seen by a wider audience than just your followers. This means that even if you have only a dozenor so followers, your tweet could be seen by hundreds if you use the right hashtags. And, while not all of those who see your tweets will follow you, a handful might join youeach time. 

  7. Host a Twitter chat. By hosting a weekly or monthly chat on Twitter, you’ll quickly become a central node in your community. If you can advertise your chat to your target audience, you should see dozens or possibly hundreds of participants each week. As the host, participants will nearly always follow you at some point during the chat, andyou should hit your 100 followers in no time. 

  8. Offer a giveaway. Want to incentivize people to follow you on Twitter? Give them something for free! A $5 gift card to your nth follower, or entering every follower’s name into a draw for a larger prize are both viable options for a Twitter follower giveaway. 

  9. Add a Twitter widget to your website. If you are tweeting regularly (which, of course, you are!), it is a great idea to add a Twitter widget displaying your latest tweets to the sidebar of your website. This will show visitors that you have a Twitter account and that it is active, and they can follow you with a single click. 

  10. Retweet others. It’s better to give than to receive. If you’re looking for more followers, reach out to others by retweeting their content. This interaction will show up in their notifications tab, and they might give you a quick follow. 

With more and more people using digital and mobile to be connected, to look at theirsocial media, to check out the latest commerce video and/or to read their mail and yes,actually making a call, it is an absolute that your integrated marketing core must beconnected to them continuously in order to engage with them and get them into yourstore.

Most communication is now done via a mobile device. Thus, SHE IS MOBILE. Mobile in the world of integrated marketing today, is absolutely important. It is the mostimportant aspect of your marketing strategy this year. That is why we say, MOBILENow!

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