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Easy Furniture Web Tip #268: When Images Go AWOL

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While working on a client’s web page, I noticed an image was missing. I found the errant image in my files and re-uploaded it.

That got me to wondering if other images on his site were missing. I checked the rest of the pages and found a few other images were indeed gone.

This happens sometimes. Image files get corrupted. I have no idea why.

A benefit of the problem was that while I was checking his pages, I found a few other items that could be tidied up.

It’s always a good idea to periodically scan all your web pages — or key pages if your site is huge — for missing images and other items that could use a good tweak.

Easy Furniture Web Tip #268: Put a note in your calendar to review your web pages to ensure none of your images have gone AWOL.


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