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BEDGEAR Hosts Slew of New Years Health and Fitness Events

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BEDGEAR recently reported on recent New Years events to support health and fitness goals of consumers across the country. BEDGEAR has partnered with Nebraska Furniture Mart, Mattress Warehouse and Exclusive Furniture to extend their brand messaging and values through regional moments.  
Earlier this month, BEDGEAR was the official sponsor of three Crunch and Brunch Sweat classes with Nebraska Furniture Mart in Dallas, TX, Kansas City, KS and Omaha, NE.  All three locations provided attendees a 60-minute workout session led by a local fitness influencer and BEDGEAR provided sleep tips throughout the class to help teach consumers how they can better reach their health goals with proper sleep and recovery. Following class, guests were treated to a catered brunch selection and raffle drawings.

BEDGEAR returned for the second year in a row to the NBC4 / Telemundo 44 Health and Fitness Expo with Mattress Warehouse and added an additional brand experience with the Washington Redskins.

BEDGEAR’s expanded footprint at Consumer Wellness Expo shared how being fit for a pillow and mattress together encourages maximum recovery at night to be more awake during the day. This included BEDGEAR’s M3 Launchpad, the world’s first modular mattress, with dual-sided support and the ability to upgrade the components of the mattress over time.

BEDGEAR also returned to the Chevron Houston Marathon this time with Houston-based retailer, Exclusive Furniture. As the official debut of BEDGEAR’s all new M3 in Houston, BEDGEAR’s interactive booth featured the “Build Your Launchpad” M3 customization wall, paralleling the customer experience in Exclusive Furniture’s new BEDGEAR Performance Shop-in-Shops. Runners were able to find their personalized fit of a Performance pillow and mattress together in the semi-enclosed pod to support their race-day goals and post-race recovery.

“As a brand rooted in Performance, we know that it is essential to partner with retailers who share our values of sleep, alongside nutrition, hydration and physical activity as the main pillars of a balanced and healthy lifestyle to help us inspire their local communities to achieve more each day,” said BEDGEAR CEO and Founder Eugene Alletto. “I couldn’t think of a stronger way to kick-off the New Year than by joining forces with Nebraska Furniture Mart, Mattress Warehouse and Exclusive Furniture to educate their consumers on the value of rest and recovery earned through personalized and breathable products in order accomplish their 2019 goals and resolutions.”

For more information, visit BEDGEAR.com.

About BEDGEAR PERFORMANCE: Sleep was boring until 2009 when BEDGEAR redefined sleep as an activity with their patented heat and the first moisture management fabric technologies, which create a more awake and connected population. As the only brand of Performance Sleep products, the company introduced personalized fit pillows and mattresses, providing 100% of total sleep comfort based on an individual’s sleep position and body frame. BEDGEAR is proud to manufacture in the U.S., and focuses their innovation on being additive and supportive of specialty retailers. BEDGEAR’s products are sold in more than 4,000 retail stores across every continent and have earned more than 100 U.S. trademark registrations with new ones added every day. Since inception, BEDGEAR has partnered with professional athletes, and has become the choice of more than 15 professional and Olympic sports teams and to the world’s largest marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon. The brand currently features over 200 individual athletes and opinion leaders that sleep on personalized fit products as part of their training regimens. Throughout the years, BEDGEAR has become an iconic American brand that has grown beyond borders to a global footprint from which they’re driving World Peace through commerce.  Sleep Fuels Everything! For more information, visit BEDGEAR.com.

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