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Design Kollective and DesignerLogic Partner to Streamline the Business of Interior Design

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Design Kollective, a high-end curated online home furnishing marketplace, recently announced a new partnership with DesignerLogic, a cloud-based interior design project management platform. The collaboration combines Design Kollective’s e-commerce retail community with DesignerLogic’s global interior design network to offer interior designers a more seamless project management experience and connection to their suppliers. Interior designers can now shop from Design Kollective suppliers using their DesignerLogic account.

The Design Kollective—DesignerLogic partnership offers three key advantages for both brick and mortar home furnishing retailers and residential and commercial interior designers:

Integrated project management and product sourcing: Design Kollective’s community of home furnishing retailers within the DesignerLogic platform helps interior designers spec projects quickly and ship and track orders from vendors who normally would not have an online footprint, saving time and enabling more diversity in design choices.

Online connection, local selection: Sourcing Design Kollective suppliers directly within the DesignerLogic platform lets designers order from independent retailers across the country or use the ‘search local’ feature to help find and visit retailers with nearby stores to view products and present them to clients in person, a key feature of good design practice.

Smaller home furnishing vendors have direct access to their interior design buyers: Design Kollective extends the reach of its e-commerce catalogue to interior designers from within the DesignerLogic project management platform that they already use to run their business, reducing friction and streamlining the purchase process.

Navigating through hundreds or thousands of suppliers to find just the right products is time consuming for an interior designer—particularly when a project calls for a last-minute item or a design client wants to view the item in person before making a decision.

“It’s increasingly difficult for independent home furnishing retailers to reach interior designers, whether they’re online or just around the block,” says Lynsey Humphrey, CEO and founder of Design Kollective. “Our mission is to make it possible for smaller home furnishing shops to thrive in today’s evolving e-commerce environment.”

In addition, the interior design industry is trending toward removing the creativity and expertise of the designer from the design process, making it ultimately more challenging for designers to maintain control over their projects and their businesses.

“Interior designers face a wave of technological disruption that’s shifting creative and financial control away from the beating heart of this industry—the designers themselves,” says Kevin Law, owner and founder of DesignerLogic. “Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between designers and independent suppliers and make the business of design personal again, ultimately helping our clients create more value for their own clients.”


About Design Kollective: Design Kollective is the only e-commerce home furnishings and decor platform that aggregates in-stock, ready to ship items from hundreds of independent brick-and-mortar retailers in one curated digital storefront. We empower the local retail community to connect with buyers and run their business in the digital age. Our mission is to connect high-end, independent home furnishing and decor retailers with buyers, giving interior designers the ability to purchase in-stock and ready to buy items at competitive prices, from floor models to boxed goods.

About DesignerLogic: DesignerLogic is an intuitive, comprehensive project management platform that powers interior design firms across the world. Created specifically for the interior design industry, DesignerLogic enables designers to spec, order, and track projects, present to clients, and manage all aspects of their projects, including communications with both clients and vendors, all in one easy-to-use application. DesignerLogic’s feature-rich project management helps design firms of any size or complexity, from residential to commercial, easily stay on top of their business at every step of the process from the mood board to installation.

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