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American Silk Mills Showcases Two New Collections for Showtime

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Off Loom (left) and Anthology (right).

American Silk Mills recently announced that it will introduce two new collections at Showtime Market on Nov. 17-20. Drawing from its design legacy, the company will feature sophisticated constructions and rich color palettes that present a range of styles and bold textures.

With a right-off-the-loom spirit, American Silk Mills celebrates this beautifully imperfect collection consisting of relaxed textures and hand painted geometrics. Inspired by the Maker Movement, this unique, artisanal line displays elements of large, chunky fibers, slub yarns, and double beam weaving complexity. The rich, earth-toned palette consists of colors such as indigo, sage, eucalyptus, and newly favored, raisin. These plains and feature textiles are among the first products manufactured for American Silk Mills by parent company, Sutlej Textiles and Industries Limited.

“In collaboration with our partner, Sutlej, Off-Loom weaves one-of-a-kind design and value that are commercially creative,” said Susan Hedgecock, Creative Director for American Silk Mills. “We’ve created textiles that look hand woven in intriguing color palettes.”

Layering in decades of archival history, American Silk Mills draws from a rich provenance of sumptuous and lavish textiles to create this treasury collection. Inspired by classic trade routes connecting the East and West, Anthology is refined velvets, epingles and silks spread across three saturated color palettes.

Inspired by Chinese Chippendale and Japanese stylized florals, the English Folly palette offers luxury and romance to any interior space. With emphasis on elegance and charm, rich colors include midnight garden, emerald, delphinium, hydrangea, aegean and French blue.

Reminiscent of Persian carpets and coromandel screens, the Tabriz palette features intricate patterns and saturated colors such as saffron, pomegranate, lacquer and henna. This timeless collection brings warmth to any room.

Inspired by organic art nouveau, ferns and leaves, and Japanese fans, the Lalique inspired palette radiates glamour and prestige with colors of thistle, mauve, platinum and moonlight.

“Anthology’s velvet, epingles, pure silk and silk blends showcase the exceptional design and product versatility of American Silk Mills,” added Susan. “There is a very intentional sense of lux in the color and construction of Anthology.”

About American Silk Mills:  American Silk Mills was acquired by Sutlej Textiles and Industries Limited in November 2017. ASM was founded in 1896 and remains among the oldest and most established of the American textile brands. The Company specializes in designing, weaving and distributing innovative textiles to customers across residential, contract, transportation and specialty markets. ASM products include fine jacquard textiles, high quality silks, a variety of luxurious velvets and Sensuede®, an eco-friendly synthetic suede.  

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