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New Online Store Carves Out Niche with Asian Inspired Furniture

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CHINA Furniture and Arts, a longtime US retailer specializing exclusively in hand made Asian style furniture and décor, recently launched a new website in preparation for the holiday shopping season.

The new site brings shoppers a gallery like experience showcasing a signature brand of products that the Chicago-based China Furniture and Arts has been serving to the US since 1982.

Each item featured in the store is personally chosen during annual journeys throughout China.

Joe Chou, company owner, and son of China Furniture and Arts’ founder states, “We wanted the site experience to feel personal and intimate, like the feeling you get while exploring a museum or art gallery.

It’s challenging, because it’s hard for a person to get an idea of how unique and beautiful something is just by looking at a screen. We needed to make sure that we also told the story behind every piece.

Our product designs have influences from every dynasty throughout China’s history, and this is clearly represented in the photography and information provided. Our entire website was designed to cater to clients who have very unique taste, and we feel this is what helps us stand out from our competitors.”

The new store, at ChinaFurnitureOnline.com, also features search and filter functions that help make even the simple act of browsing through pages an enjoyable experience. One can get lost looking through items like life-size terracotta soldiers, hand painted floor screens, vintage Tibetan cabinets, and the largest selection of solid rosewood furniture available on the web.

Their unique brand has even gained the attention of Hollywood. Chicago Tribune reported in 2018, “Its unique products have been featured in scenes from numerous high-profile movie and TV productions including “Iron Man 3,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Black Mass,” “House of Cards,” and several others.”

About China Furniture: China Furniture and Arts has been in business for 37 years, they have been featured in major print publications such as Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Hinsdale Living, Architectural Digest, and Modern Luxury

China Furniture and Arts products have been featured in recent Hollywood productions such as “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Skyscraper,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” and “House of Cards”

For more information, visit www.chinafurnitureonline.com.


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