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Raffel Systems Named Finalist at Best of BDNY for Tranquilcharge™ Technology

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On their first time showing at BDNY, Raffel Systems was named a Best of BDNY finalist for their Tranquilcharge™ Technology in the annual Product Design Competition. The Best of BDNY Product Design Competition recognizes designers and manufacturers that demonstrate functional and aesthetic progress and advanced innovation. Raffel Systems is a global producer of electronic controls for furniture, cinema seating, bedding and industrial processes. They first introduced Tranquilcharge Technology in 2018.  

Raffel System’s patented Drain Free™ Tranquilcharge Technology is standard on a variety of Raffel Systems’ control panels that include a USB port. With  Tranquilcharge Technology USB ports don’t consume any power until a device is plugged in. This saves money by reducing energy consumption, which is especially important in the hospitality industry which aims to be environmentally conscious. In addition, devices charge significantly faster in USB ports utilizing Tranquilcharge Technology.

“We are proud of this prestigious recognition, which demonstrates our commitment to finding innovative solutions to meet customer demands,” said John Dudash, CEO of Raffel Systems. “Our Tranquilcharge Technology sets us and our state-of-the-art electronics apart in the marketplace, and we appreciate being recognized for this visionary product.”

Raffel Systems technology can be found in products made by many of the worlds’ largest producers of home furnishings in case pieces and upholstery. Engineers based in Wisconsin work directly with customers to produce products that seamlessly integrate with furniture. A robust U.S. based customer service team supports all inquiries and service issues if they should arise.

About Raffel Systems: Headquartered in Germantown, WI, Raffel Systems has a multi-discipline team of engineers leading development and programming of all its products, enabling the 37-year-old company to bring innovative products to market quickly and give its manufacturing partners a competitive advantage. Raffel’s China headquarters including sales, engineering and manufacturing are based in Xiamen, China, at its wholly owned subsidiary Xiamen Raffel Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Raffel’s European joint venture Global Furniture Components, UAB is based in Lithuania. For more information, visit www.raffel.com.

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