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HSM Metalworks Expands Production Capacity With Addition of Arkansas Plant

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Full-service components and capabilities provider, HS Manufacturing, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company (“HSM”) announced that it is shifting the reporting structure of its Fort Smith, Arkansas plant to its expanding HS MetalWorks division to broaden its capabilities. The plant will continue to serve the transportation industry, and with the additional manufacturing location, will further expand HS MetalWorks’ capacity for tubing, stamping and welding operations, custom-designed complex assemblies for home furnishings, power sports vehicles, appliances, lawn and garden and other industrial applications.

“As we continue to optimize our enterprise manufacturing performance across the company, this move allows us to serve multiple industries and fuels the growth our HS MetalWorks division has experienced as it continues to expand into new markets,” said Michael Hinshaw, chief operating officer at HSM.  

Combined with its existing portfolio of core metal capabilities including wire, tubing, stamping and sub-assembly design and production at its Hickory, North Carolina metal plant, the 200,000 square foot Fort Smith facility will provide additional powder coating, painting and various other metal forming and fabrication capabilities.

In addition, the Ft. Smith plant maintains a state-of-the-art testing facility with a team of seasoned engineers with expertise in the diverse markets in which the division continues to grow.

“A second manufacturing location not only provides us with a production contingency plan, but our increased footprint allows us to better serve a larger geography,” said Tim Becker, president of HS MetalWorks. “As we continue to grow, Fort Smith will provide invaluable engineering expertise and expand our offering of value added services and products for current customers. The additional capabilities also accelerates our expansion into new industry sectors.”

About HSM: HSM is a privately held company based in Hickory, North Carolina, with more than 30 manufacturing plants in 14 states. In addition to its core furniture and bedding markets, HSM also serves a growing range of customers in the transportation, packaging, healthcare, apparel, and other industries. For more information, visit www.hsmsolutions.com.     

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