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Tools2Win Develops New Live Occupancy Monitor Tool to help Home Furnishing Retailers Safely Re-Open

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Screenshot of the free Live Occupancy Monitor app running on a cellphone.

Due to capacity limitations being placed on retail operations as well as general consumer concern, stores will need to know the number of customers in the store at any time.  To address this a Live Occupancy Monitor software application was developed to manually count customers.

The Live Occupancy Monitor will allow retailers to communicate the number of customers in the store at any time.  It is simple to use – simply by clicking a button the total count will increase or decrease.  The application can be used on a phone, IPAD, laptop, or desktop.  Once store capacity is reached, an expected wait time is calculated that can also be displayed notifying customers of their expected wait time.  The system can handle multiple entry/exit doors simultaneously to communicate the total number of customers in the store at any time.  The Live Occupancy Monitor application and user manual can be found at www.peoplecounter.tools2winretail.com.

In an effort to help retailers, Tools2Win is offering this new Live Occupancy Monitor tool free of charge to the industry.

For any questions contact Brian Dodge at bdodge@tools2winretail.com or Jamie Winter at jamiew@furnituremallofkansas.com

About Tools2Win: Tools2Win supports over 150 store fronts with a 100% automated solution providing actionable information to a retailer’s inbox.  Tools2Win provides a powerful suite of Merchandising, Inventory, Advertising, and Sales tools designed to deliver the whole story on business performance.  For more information contact Brian Dodge at bdodge@tools2winretail.com or 214-882-0226.

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