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Classy Art CEO/Owner to Shave His Head for Breast Cancer Research

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Gabriel Cohen, CEO of Classy Art, will be shaving his head during the High Point October market in an effort to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.

Gabriel Cohen recently announced that he will be shaving his head during the High Point October market in an effort to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.  Every dollar raised will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation which was hand selected by Gabriel because it was one of the lowest salaried CEO as well as lowest administrative costs to operate leaving the majority of the funds for research and programs.  

To make things even more interesting he said that the biggest donor will get to do the honors.  In other words, the person (or company) donating the most money to the cause will be the one holding the clippers.  While Gabriel is known for smiles and laughs throughout the industry, we at Classy Art fully expect him to be in tears as he says farewell to what he refers to as, “the source of his powers.”

“The idea hit me while packing for market, I saw my pink suit hanging there, and I recognized that it wouldn’t fit after packing on my quarantine weight. I then realized that there was not going to be an official Pink Out Market day that normally occurs during October markets.  So, it struck me that just because our attention has been diverted towards the pandemic, we shouldn’t forget about the struggle that so many women have faced long before Covid-19 and will face long after the virus is gone.  Our founder, my mother, Biatriz Cohen and her sister are both breast cancer survivors, so this issue hits close to home for me, and I feel like most people have had some encounter at some level with this shattering diagnosis.  While I am eager to raise a good amount of money, what I am really hoping for is to inspire others to take action as well.” – Gabriel Cohen CEO/Owner Classy Art LLC. 

After discovering Gabriel’s plan, his father and co-founder of Classy Art, Isaac Cohen quickly called his son to inform him that he as well will be shaving his head to raise awareness of the cause.  While quarantined in Houston, Isaac will go live on Facebook shortly after Gabriel’s live feed from their High Point showroom and the link will be posted/shared on the Classy Art Facebook page which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/ClassyArtSocial.

Classy Art will be accepting cash donations at their industry famous bar in their showroom at High Point market which is located at Center Point Hamilton 401 S. Hamilton St #113.  While visiting the bar is definitely the most fun way of donating, with the sensitivity of the pandemic in mind, donations can also be made via these online methods below:

Venmo ---- @ClassyArt

CashApp ---- $ClassyArt

PayPal ----- Paypal.me/ClassyArt

For those interested in being the biggest donor who are not at High Point market, Gabriel has also committed to purchasing last minute flights using his own personal reward points to market for the donor wishing to be the one to shave his head.  D-Day for the luscious man mane of our CEO’s head is scheduled for Monday October 19th at 6:00 PM.  Buyers, exhibitors, reps, and competitors alike are all invited, but please wear a mask and practice social distancing.  


About Classy Art: Classy Art is a leader in the wall art/decor field catering specifically to furniture retailers across the country.  Their average growth of 50% per year is the result of products that have proven to sell faster at retail through their proprietary process of product research.  This higher rate of sale has increased customer retentions as well as new customer acquisition.  The company carries all subcategories of wall décor including framed prints, metal, clocks, canvas, tempered glass, and mirrors, and they pride themselves on single week lead times and guaranteed inventory. For more information visit www.ClassyArt.net.


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