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Mattress Firm Announces Partnership with SleepScore Labs

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Mattress retailer Mattress Firm and SleepScore Labs, the Sleep Science Company behind the world’s most comprehensive suite of evidence-based sleep solutions, recently announced their long-term partnership to help millions of Americans in their pursuit of better sleep – a key contributor to better health and wellness. 

This partnership will create the first integrated sleep improvement program by leveraging insights from SleepScore Labs’ evidence-based sleep improvement data set spanning more than 70 million hours. Mattress Firm’s Sleep Experts™ will utilize SleepScore’s technology and expertise to identify the right product for each Mattress Firm consumer and track the real-world experience that actual sleepers have with specific Mattress Firm products, improving the mattress buying experience for consumers. 

“We are thrilled to partner with SleepScore Labs, the leader in sleep science, as both organizations share the mission of helping people everywhere sleep better and feel their best every day,” said John Eck, President and CEO of Mattress Firm. “By equipping our highly trained Sleep Experts™ with SleepScore’s data and technology, we can help customers get the best night’s sleep possible. This partnership is one of many strategic investments, including the recent launch of Sleep.com, helping us enhance the total customer experience.”

Mattress Firm will also work alongside SleepScore to create a Sleep.com-branded, white label sleep tracking app featuring best-in-class sleep tracking. In addition to the app, the partnership will incorporate all aspects of SleepScore Labs’ offering, which includes Innovation R&D services, Validation study services, SleepScore’s sleep tracking technologies and suite of digital services, all focused on sleep optimization and improvement.

As part of these collaborative efforts, Mattress Firm will also invest in SleepScore Labs. Mattress Firm joins other SleepScore investors such as ResMed, Pegasus Capital Advisors L.P, Dr. Oz, IFF, and most recently ETP Global, Human Longevity Inc and SleepScore Ventures.

"We are genuinely delighted to partner with Mattress Firm and Sleep.com,” said SleepScore Labs CEO Colin Lawlor. “SleepScore Labs is powering their ambition to help millions of people to sleep better, leveraging our unique evidence-based science, the largest holistic and contextual sleep data set, and an engaging and customizable technology platform.”

SleepScore Labs’ ecosystem of end-to-end sleep services, paired with Mattress Firm’s decades-long brand recognition, makes for a bright future to revolutionize the sleep industry together.

More announcements on this new partnership will follow throughout 2021.


About SleepScore Labs: We’re the sleep science and improvement company changing the world by improving sleep, based on science and leading-edge technology. SleepScore Labs was founded in 2016 by a team of sleep experts from companies, institutions and organizations such as ResMed, Apple, Philips, and Harvard. Together, we enable leading companies and organizations to strengthen their health and wellness offerings, proven through better sleep. After studying over 70 million hours of sleep for over a decade, we created the world’s most comprehensive suite of services which help consumers improve their sleep and companies to improve their offerings in the space. Initially a Joint Venture between ResMed, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Pegasus Capital Advisors L.P, the company has grown to include other strategic partners and investors. Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, with an office in Dublin, Ireland, we’ve developed SleepScore™ technology powered by ResMed to offer the world’s most accurate sleep app. SleepScore Labs’ ecosystem also provides data insights, product innovation and validation tools, and technology licensing opportunities for companies developing products and solutions aimed at improving the sleep of hundreds of millions of people.

SleepScore does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment through its service or its available functions. The content and service provided are intended solely as a resource and informational tool to improve your sleep. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified health provider for any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


About Mattress Firm: For the past 90 years, Mattress Firm has made it easy to get a great night’s sleep by providing our customers an expertly curated collection of quality mattresses from the best brands. Today, with 2,400 neighborhood stores and more than 6,000 Sleep Experts™, we strive to match every customer with their perfect mattress at the perfect price. Our Sleep Experts™ help more than 3 million people a year find the right solution for their sleep needs. Our selection of mattresses and bedding accessories include leading brands such as Beautyrest®, Nectar®, Sealy®, Serta®, Simmons®, Sleepy’s® Stearns & Foster®, Tempur-Pedic®, Tuft & Needle®, tulo®, and Purple®. We also offer customers Sleep.com as a go-to resource for learning how to sleep better and feel better. Committed to serving our communities, the Mattress Firm Foster Kids program, in partnership with the Ticket to Dream Foundation, joined forces with local foster care non-profit partners to help children in foster care get better sleep so they can shape a better future. For more information, visit http://www.mattressfirm.com


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