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Classy Art Feeds Nearly 17,000 Children in First Quarter of 2021

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Wholesale wall art and décor supplier Classy Art, LLC announced that in the First Quarter alone, they will be feeding nearly 17,000 children. In February this year, Classy Art announced a partnership with the Indianapolis-based Million Meal Movement in their effort to provide nutritious meal packages to food pantries. Classy Art committed to providing one meal to a hungry American child for every single unit of art sold, retroactively beginning January 1st. With their aggressive growth goals, the company intends to supply over 70,000 meals in 2021 alone.
Gabriel Cohen, CEO and President of Classy Art, said “Due to the efforts of our dedicated customers and my team, it is an honor to make such a contribution that will directly impact the lives of so many children. Our company donates in many ways throughout the year; however I am positive that we have never been able to touch so many at one time. I hope that this is the smallest donations that we make for years to come!” Cohen and the Classy Art team stand firmly behind their own mission and the mission of the Million Meals Movement to conquer hunger through the power of community. And while Cohen is proud of his business’s success, he knows there is always something more to being an industry leader than profits and the bottom line.
Anyone wishing to learn more about the Million Meal Movement and how they can get involved should go to the organization’s webpage at, found at www.millionmealmovement.org, to read their story and see the scope of Million Meal’s impact across their home state of Indiana.


About Classy Art: Classy Art is a leader in the wall art/decor field catering specifically to furniture retailers across the country.  Their average growth of 50% per year is the result of products that have proven to sell faster at retail through their proprietary process of product research.  This higher rate of sale has increased customer retentions as well as new customer acquisition.  The company carries all subcategories of wall décor including framed prints, metal, clocks, canvas, tempered glass, and mirrors, and they pride themselves on single week lead times and guaranteed inventory. For more information visit www.ClassyArt.net.


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