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Recap: 47th CIFF Guangzhou 2021

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The organizers of CIFF recently announced a visitor increase of +20.17% compared to 2019 ( the last edition held over two phases before the pandemic), proclaiming this year to be an extraordinary success. Given the difficult times and the limited presence of foreign visitors at the exhibition, the increase of visitor was difficult to imagine.

Having concluded on March 31 after a total of 8 days (4 for the first phase and 4 for the second), the 47th CIFF Guangzhou occupied over 8 million square feet of exhibition space, divided among almost 4,000 exhibitors, and attracted 357,809 qualified trade visitors.

The event brought a strong synergy between the Chinese internal market and international markets, integrating both events and business at the exhibition with activities online with the CIFF Cloud platform (which received around 7.6 million views) and the CIFF mini App (which registered 2.36 million logins). The app and online platform allowed special consideration to foreign buyers who are currently unable to participate in CIFF.

Mr. Xu Xiangnan, chairman of the China National Furniture Association, stated, "the 47th CIFF Guangzhou 2021 has actively promoted the coordinated development of the entire industrial chain and has given a strong impetus for the evolution of companies in the sector during the post-pandemic period. This has increased confidence in the sector thanks to the continuous improvement of quality, services and results, as noted by International Business Daily (official press under the Chinese Ministry of Commerce)".

The high-level content of 20 design exhibitions and over 100 conferences organized by CIFF in collaboration with famous designers, market experts, design brands, media, trade associations and universities were valuable sources of inspiration this year.

During the first phase, from March 18 to 21, 2021, the spotlight focused on the world of home living, including furniture and decor for both indoors and outdoors.

Home Furniture offered original solutions for the customization of domestic environments, conceived as increasingly multi-functional and fluid spaces characterized by accessible design and quality, sustainability concepts involving the use of natural materials, and a fusion of styles.

The 'Design Spring' Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Fair gathered more than 80 of China's most influential furniture brands as well as hundreds of Chinese artists and designers, creating a well-respected platform capable of stimulating creativity and exchange of ideas.

The Design Dream Show (DDS) presented, under the theme ‘Pick up & Give Up’, featured seven different domestic scenes designed to improve quality of life.

The CMF Trend Lab interpreted the trends of the market across aspects like color, materials and surfaces, providing directions for the production of saleable products.

Homedécor & Hometextile presented the latest trends in interior decor: furnishings, lighting, decorative paintings and artificial flowers for adding value to every environment.

Outdoor & Leisure focused on outdoor lifestyle, offering increasingly sophisticated solutions to extend the quality and comfort of interior environments outside the home.

In the second phase, from March 28 to 31  2021, workplaces and public spaces were highlighted,
in addition to the essential technologies for the furniture industry.

During Office Show, the leading brands of the sector showed flexible and innovative solutions for work environments with the objective of increasing performance and productivity, improving well-being and security, and inspiring new ideas. Much space was also dedicated to public commercial spaces and healthcare facilities, including those dedicated to the elderly, and schools.

The 2030+ International Future Office, the exhibit organized by CIFF Guangzhou and China National Furniture Association, proposed the latest trends in the workplace, combining multimedia aspects and new technologies to create an environment capable of engaging all five senses. Prestigious brand names like Steelcase, Knoll, Lamex, K + N, Sitland, Cassina, Magis, Gan, Avarte, as well as Hettich, Nreal, and Dyson, all collaborated on the project.

Office Environment Theme Pavilion, this year centered on the themes 'Youth · Vitality · Colour @ 2021', investigated how choosing one's occupation means choosing one's dreams, stimulating the exploration of the demands of younger generations in the world of office life.

CIFM/interzum guangzhou 2021 presented a comprehensive offering of technology and semi-finished products for the furniture industry. The major Chinese and international brands in machinery, materials, surfaces and hardware.

As it wrapped up, the 47th CIFF has shown itself to be a significant edition of a fair. The next meeting in Shanghai is only 5 months away, with the 48th CIFF Shanghai Edition taking place September 3 to 6,  2021 at the National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai Hongqiao.


About CIFF: CIFF Guangzhou and CIFF Shanghai complement each other in order to strengthen each other and to grow together.

The 48th CIFF Shanghai will be held at the National Exhibition & Convention Center in Shanghai Hongqiao from September 3 - 6th, 2021.

Choosing CIFF means choosing both the entire extraordinary Chinese market and the global furniture market!


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