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Victorian or Bohemian? The Most Popular Interior Decor for Each Room in The House

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With interest in interior design increasing by 40% in the last week*, Uswitch.com/mortgages set out to uncover which interior design trend is the most popular for each room of the house, by analyzing the number of pins on Pinterest.


After scraping pins from more than 200 different searches, Uswitch.com/mortgages revealed which design theme is the most popular overall, and the most on-trend room styles to inspire your next decorating project.


The full study can be found at: https://www.uswitch.com/mortgages/guides/best-interior-decors-for-each-room/.


The most pinned theme on Pinterest is ‘Vintage’

The study revealed that the most pinned theme across all rooms and decor is vintage. Across the 10 rooms analyzed, the number of pins for ‘vintage’ decor totaled 876,238. Vintage decor is all about bringing back the past and utilizing in a way that bolsters nostalgia and makes the environment inviting. Vintage decor came on top in the kitchen (44.6%), living room (29.5%), and the attic (0.89%).


Ranking second is contemporary, with just over half a million pins at 530,883, and in third place is rustic, with a total of 412,313 pins across all rooms. Contemporary design focuses on the modernity of homes, whilst a rustic decor is a focus on the more natural designs incorporating rough and aged wood. The contemporary theme was the most popular theme for bathrooms, whilst rustic decor was most popular in the basement (5.9% of all rustic pins), family room (2.8%), and the utility room (0.04%).


Rounding off the top spots, in ninth place is minimalist, with pins totaling 290,444. Minimalist style capitalizes on the absence of goods, leading to a much cleaner and open living style.


Finally, Uswitch.com/mortgages can reveal that the 10th most pinned decor is industrial, a decor theme that focuses heavily on using metals to replicate the feeling of old warehouses and industrial spaces. Industrial pins totaled at 215,687, which is 121% less than that of first place (vintage).


The most pinned theme per room

Uswitch.com/mortgages further analyzed Pinterest to uncover which theme was the most pinned, and therefore the most popular, for 10 different household rooms. The results are as follows:



Most popular theme

Number of pins




Living room







Shabby chic


Home Office






Dining room

Shabby chic


Family Room






Utility room




The full study can be found at https://www.uswitch.com/mortgages/guides/best-interior-decors-for-each-room/. 



*According to Google Trends


  1. Uswitch.com/mortgages sought to uncover the most popular interior design trend for each room in the house.
  2. First, Uswitch.com/mortgages created a dataset that represents the interior design trends of the 10 most common rooms in houses selected from multiple sources using in-house metrics.
  3. For every room contained within the sample, 20 different popular decor themes were selected based on average keyword volume research through SEMrush.
  4. Next, they utilized in-house web scraping tools to scrape Pinterest for the number of pins relating to each theme per room. Specific search parameters were used to ensure results were accurate.
  5. In total, more than 4.9 million pins were scraped across 230 individual searches.
  6. The resulting dataset was utilized to produce a table displaying the interior design trends in descending order. A subsequent table was created revealing the most common interior design trend for each room in the house based on the total number of pins.
  7. Data was collected October 2021 and is correct as of then.



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