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Clarity Receives New Round of Private Funding

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Clarity Web Solutions reports that it has received a new round of private funding to expand its services. Doug Cottrell, Clarity’s president, said, “This new capital will be used to fuel growth of our proven software successes to increase market share, add technical and support staff and to develop new products and services.” As the industry evolves, an integrated, revenue-driving online presence is increasingly important. Clarity is well positioned to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s demands with the breadth and quality of tools they offer.

Over the past 5 years, Clarity Web Solutions has rigorously tested and refined its offering. This dynamic, all-in-one web platform includes a consumer website, a dealer portal, a pricing configurator, product visualization, and market showroom tools – everything a furniture brand needs for a powerful and profitable online presence.

Clarity has enhanced the development of configuration technology with innovative software code. The pricing configurator tool for furniture eliminates incomplete and undeliverable orders by walking a dealer or designer through each step of the configuration process, using real-time data from the factory. With a few clicks, a fully configured and priced piece becomes a fully validated factory order. This decreases administrative follow-up time for incorrect orders and increases cash flow as payments are received sooner.

More about Clarity Web Solutions: Clarity Web Solutions helps furniture companies build a powerful and profitable internet presence, using innovative tools that increase brand preference and drive sales. The company has been in operation for 12 years, and is in the heart of furniture manufacturing in Hickory, North Carolina.

Clarity is more than a vendor; they are a partner for furniture companies, and find their success in the success of their clients. Clarity seeks to come alongside furniture brands and deliver solutions they need to thrive in our web-driven world. For more information, visit www.ClarityWebSolutions.com or call 828-855-9544 or visit

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