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New Canadian Company Takes on Transformational Furniture Category

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Pictured above is the Virgo Collection.

Xtraroom recently announced it's launch as a new brand to take on the transformational, space-saving furniture category. Xtraroom was launched by four industry veterans with over 100-years combined furniture experience, predominately with TechCraft, a Canadian-company with expertise in manufacturing and global sourcing. Through a collaboration with celebrity HGTV designer, Chip Wade, the company is creating innovative whole- room, space-saving solutions.

Highly regarded as an OEM resource, TechCraft specializes in all types of ready-to-assemble furniture; however, it is best known for its wall beds and TV stands, which are sold at retailers throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and UK. As demand for the company’s wall beds grew, so did the team’s interest in multifunctional furniture.

Introducing Xtraroom
“Multifunctional, transforming furniture allows millennials and empty-nesters alike to maximize their spaces and live life to the fullest,” said Xtraroom President Neil Goldwax. “The goal of the brand is to redefine the way consumers visualize space. A room no longer serves a singular use or needs a defined label; a room can be used in many creative ways to enhance the livability of the dwelling. It’s the mission of our brand to offer innovative lifestyle solutions that allow the consumer to dream beyond the confines of four walls.”

The initial Xtraroom collections, Orion Collection and Virgo Collection, are just a taste of the ingenuity that lies ahead. According to Xtraroom’s CEO Michael Selim, the brand is focused on creating stylish, multipurpose solutions to fill every room. From indoor to outdoor, Xtraroom will be rolling out several transformational furniture collections throughout 2018. Each piece is crafted using the highest quality materials with ease-of-use a top priority.

“Our products are built for convenience, comfort, and durability, all while turning heads with its stylish good looks,” said Chip Wade, Xtraroom designer and star of HGTV’s Elbow Room. “For example, the Orion collection, offered in three colors, allows an urban dweller to go from work to rest in under 60- seconds with the Orion Console Bed and Desk combination. It’s furniture that truly enhances one’s lifestyle.”

Meet Chip Wade
In order to create multifunctional furniture with an attention to detail and cutting-edge design, Xtraroom partnered with celebrity designer Chip Wade. Coming from a long line of experienced carpenters and woodcraftsmen, Chip began working with his father at an early age and over the years developed an interest in design, carpentry, landscaping and renovation. Chip visualizes the impossible and makes it possible.

As the host, designer and executive producer on his Emmy Award Winning series, Elbow Room, Chip is there from concept through construction to show HGTV and DIY viewers how to customize their spaces and transform houses into homes that perfectly suit their lifestyle.  He has become known for his unique ability to utilize cutting-edge materials, processes and authentic creativity to craft these large scale, multi-faceted projects.

The Orion Collection
The first collection for the new brand, the Orion Collection is centered around the Orion Console Bed, a space-saving bed or hideaway bed that easily folds away into a modern, stylish console table. The Orion Console Bed allows consumers to store a comfortable queen-size bed anywhere. Available in white, deep walnut or warm anthracite, the Orion Console Bed compliments several different design styles with its on- trend color palette. Best of all, it takes less than 60-seconds to go from chic console table to bedtime.

Crafted from a combination of solid wood and veneer, the Orion Console Bed is constructed using a superior combination of springs, euro slats, high-tensile fabrics and a memory foam mattress to deliver a great night’s sleep.

To fully maximize small spaces and create a true multipurpose room, Xtraroom designed a desk, hutch and TV stand to compliment the Orion Console Bed.

The Virgo Collection
The Virgo collection is centered on a sturdy wall bed or murphy bed. To best fit a space, the Virgo series is available in multiple sizes and orientations, including twin and queen sizes in portrait (vertical) format and full size beds in landscape (horizontal) orientations for those spaces with low ceilings. All Virgo beds feature euro slats for great support with no need for a box spring and accommodate mattresses up to 8- inches thick. The integrated headboard unfolds in seconds for superior comfort.

Opening and closing the bed is as quick and simple as an Instagram Boomerang. Since the legs automatically rotate into position, the unit can be easily transformed with one-hand in under a minute.

To complement the Virgo wall bed and achieve maximum space-saving results, the Virgo collection serves up a chic self-leveling desk, comfortable stain-resistant sofa, stylish TV stand—and even a cozy fireplace option.

The collection is available in sleek white or warm anthracite to fit a variety of design styles.

Sales and Logistics

The Xtraroom team includes two seasoned sales executives who are excited about the future of the growing brand. Ramesh Sahasranam is the vice president of Canadian sales and Earl Dozier is leading sales in the United States.

“I’m excited to bring Xtraroom to the Canadian market,” said Saharanam. “The growing trends in condos and small-space living are creating a real need for our products.”

“Turn on your TV to any home channel and you’ll see minimalist or tiny home living in some form or another,” agreed Dozier. “There are several companies providing a one-piece solution, but no one is tackling the whole room concept like Xtraroom.”

“Our sales, logistics and customer service teams are dedicated to supporting and servicing all of our customers’ Xtraroom needs,” said Goldwax. “We invite the furnishings industry to journey with us as we remove the limits of a room and give today’s consumers space to live, work and play on their terms. Our innovative furniture is designed to give you space for the life the you wantand deserveto live.”

For more information,  visit Xtraroom.com, stop by Canadian Furniture Show booth #1420 or reach out by completing our inquiry form.

More about Xtraroom: Based in Toronto, Ontario, Xtraroom manufactures, distributes and sells multipurpose, multifunctional furniture. Designed in partnership with HGTV celebrity designer Chip Wade, Xtraroom is known for its clean, modern lines and innovative approach. The mission of Xtraroom is to improve the lifestyle of consumers by creating furniture that removes barriers and enhances the enjoyment of spaces across the world. For more information, visit Xtraroom.com.

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