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Barney’s of Springfield, IL Launches REM-Fit Brand Store

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REM-Fit recently announced that furniture retailer and FMG  member Barney's of Springfield, IL has added a REM-Fit brand store to its showroom, marking the continued expansion of the REM-Fit brand and the continued growth of sleep-focused sales.

“We have been on a positive growth curve and nothing makes me happier than to bring REM-Fit to Springfield”, says Kevin Houston REM-Fit’s Brand Manager and Springfield native. “I grew up with Barney’s. It’s a name that the locals trust for great products and fair deals and has been recognized as Springfield’s #1 Furniture Store more times than I can count. It’s a fantastic home for a REM-Fit Brand Store. We moved quickly to get the store up and running.”

As part of the partnership agreement, REM-Fit provided a complete build-out and starter products to get Barney’s up and running. Construction was completed in just over 3 days with no closures needed by the business.

"In just the very brief time we have been operational our customers have already recognized and experienced that REM-Fit is not just about product - it's about sleep technology,” says Barney’s owner, Barry Seidman, “This is exactly what I expected and the reason why I wanted to bring REM-Fit into our store.”

Developed to deliver a better night’s sleep, not just sell product, REM-Fit Brand stores are focused on whole-sleep sales. In this approach, mattresses are paired with accessories, pillows and sleep technology to present a comprehensive sleep system to the customer. “It's not just picking out a mattress - it's about helping the consumer improve their overall sleep process,” comments Seidman, “It truly is unlike any other bedding product we have ever had in our store. We have devoted an entire section of our mattress department to REM-Fit."

“The future is looking bright for our REM-Fit dealers,” comments James Bell, CEO of Protect-A-Bed, “not only are they seeing improved performance in their stores, but they’re telling the right story. They are moving from the race-to-the-bottom approach to bedding sales to a more sustainable, and profitable ‘whole sleep’ process that benefits both the dealer and their customers.”

To learn more about bringing REM-Fit to your store email brandstores@rem-fit.com or call 866-860-9626.

More about REM-Fit: REM-Fit is an active lifestyle bedding and technology brand focused on driving the development of sleep technology introduced in 2014. With offerings that include activity and sleep trackers, recovery-enhancing mattresses, high quality bedding and ZEEQ, the world’s first smart pillow, REM-Fit provides full sleep systems designed to improve rest and recovery. For more information, visit www.rem-fit.com.

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