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Pictured Left to Right is Martin Ploy, Michael Amini, Veronica, and Chuck Reilly.

AICO/Amini Innovations Corp recently held its annual Holiday Party in December and recognized select staff for their exceptional service throughout the year. 

The Employee of the Year award was presented to AICO’s Human Resources Coordinator, Veronica Villanueva.  Veronica has been with AICO for 13 years, advancing quickly up the ranks to her current position. “The essence of this award is in the acronym AICO, which stands for the core values of the company: Attitude, Initiative, Commitment, and Outstanding performance.  Veronica embodies these values, enthusiastically assisting in all areas related to staffing, employee benefits, and payroll,” said AICO Chairman and CEO Michael Amini.

The Spirit of Excellence was awarded to Julio Lopez , AICO’s Shipping and Receiving Manager, for his dedication and leadership, and in recognition of the exemplary efficiency and energy he demonstrates daily.  Julio oversees both the daily shipping and all receiving for AICO’s immense distribution warehouse. “We’ve been very fortunate to have Julio on our team for 18 years now.  Over those years, he has learned all facets of our warehouse operations eagerly and with admirable determination.   His excellent work ethic from the very start paved the way for his continued move up the ranks”, stated Mike Orth, AICO’s VP of Operations.
The Rising Star award was presented to Karen Chung, AICO’s Purchasing Coordinator.  Karen works directly with factories to coordinate logistics and has become a vital member of the Purchasing Department over the 3 years she has been with the company.

“All three of these awards were well deserved, and I am honored to have such a committed team behind me,” added Michael Amini.

About AICO:  AICO/Amini Innovation Corp is known for original, high quality and intricately designed home furnishings. CEO and Founder, Michael Amini, combines his extensive world travels and his affinity for fashion to create the inspiration for each distinctive design. From the ancient ruins of Greece, to Russian palaces; from the sunny hillsides of Tuscany, to the charming cafes of a crowded Paris street, Michael finds inspiration in world culture, traditional art and architecture. It is his goal to create furniture that connects people emotionally with their culture, country and heritage. For more information, visit www.amini.com.

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