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Design & Designer Series

In depth interviews with the top furniture designers

Design & Designer: Victoria at Home

Interior designer, store owner and style spotter shares her thoughts on selling, supporting the interior design community, High Point Market and current trends.

Design & Designer: Gary Inman & Zach Hodgin

Inman and Hodgin anticipate a post-pandemic flood of designs focusing on new materials and colors. Get ready for less beige and boring plus a number of hard-to-reconcile, diverse design trends.

Design & Designer: Fashion Snoops Update

Fashion Snoops’ expert forecaster Jay Anna Mize looks at what’s now and what’s next in style and consumer buying behaviors.

Design & Designer: SCAD

A discussion of furniture design trends consumers will be looking for as we exit the pandemic.

Design & Designer: Erika Ward Interiors

Interior designer, blogger, brand ambassador and style spotter Erika Ward provides insight into what furniture consumers and families want and need right now.

Design & Designer: What Shoppers Want

Fashion Snoops' Jaye Anna Mize explains how a shift in consumer values is likely to affect how and what they buy for the fall selling season and into 2021.

Design & Designer: Corey Damen Jenkins

Designer Corey Damen Jenkins shares his experience about persistence and emerging design trends.

Design & Designer: It's Madcap!

Madcap Cottage's John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon explain how to take retail customers on a journey.

Design & Designer: Jaye Anna Mize

Fashion Snoops' Jaye Anna Mize shares what brands and retailers can do to connect the dots between culture, consumer behavior and new product development.

Design & Designer: Lisa Mende

Interior designer, blogger, style spotter and influencer Lisa Mende shares her perspectives on uniquely southern design, new trends and more.

Design & Designer Series: Jeanne Chung

Interior designer, retailer, style spotter & influencer shares her thoughts.

Design & Designer Series: Keith Baltimore

Interior designer and furnishings retailer Keith Baltimore shares his thoughts about the design & retail experience.

Design & Designer Series: Chip Wade

Interior and furniture designer, media personality and consultant, shares his thoughts about design, sales & marketing.

Design & Designer Series: Kim Salmela

Kim Salmela doesn’t believe in making safe furnishings decisions. She says, “There are no rules. That’s the rule!”

Design & Designer Series: Catina Suarez Roscoe

Furniture designer and ASFD president discusses women in our industry and the value of leaving open avenues for creativity in product design & retail displays.

Design & Designer: Kerrie Kelly

Author, retailer, interior/ product designer Kerrie Kelly talks about consumers, trends, customer engagement and retailing.

Design & Designer: Nancy Fire

Product designer and trend expert Nancy Fire talks about consumer design preferences, color and style trends for 2018.

Design & Designer Series: Libby Langdon

Libby Langdon talks about what consumers want, and how retailers can do a better job of connecting with them.

Design & Designer Series: Todd Bracher

An interview with award-wining designer Todd Bracher about design, consumer & retail trends.

Design & Designer Series: Gary Inman

Furniture designer Gary Inman discusses design, consumer & retail trends and how to tell a story at retail.

Design & Designer Series: Jena Hall

Legendary designer talks about home furnishings design, visual merchandising and store display.

Design & Designer Series: Richard & Catherine Frinier

Award winning design team Richard and Catherine Frinier discuss the past, present, and future of outdoor furniture.

Furniture Trends: Design & Designer - Part 1

Three generations of furniture designers at Otto & Moore reflect on furniture design’s past and future.