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Top Tip for Furniture Retailers

Mike Rittler of TD Bank gives tips and advice for Furniture Retailers.

Top Tip for Furniture Retailers: Financing Options Will Help Furniture Retailers Weather Trade-War Uncertainties

Many furniture retail executives anticipate that a continuation or escalation of the conflict between the world’s two largest economies could lead to higher prices – and as a result this could lead more customers to explore financing options.

Top Tip for Furniture Retailers: Strong Partnerships and Better Data Will Help Retailers Weather Changing Times

Certainty in partnerships helps businesses navigate uncertain times, particularly for home furnishing retailers.

Top Tip for Furniture Retailers: Utilize Financing Products While You Still Can

Furniture retailers should take advantage of one of their most effective tools while they're still a cost-effective option.

Top Tip for Furniture Retailers: 101 Retailers Share Concerns for 2018

TD Bank conducted a poll of 101 furniture retail executives to get a pulse on industry trends.

Top Tip for Furniture Retailers: Consumer Rewards Programs

Customer loyalty programs are a strategic option to ensure new customers become consistent buyers, and that frequent shoppers are rewarded for coming back.

Top Tip for Furniture Retailers: Serving Customers Through Omnichannel Platforms is the Best Way to Stay Ahead

By making purchases more convenient for customers through uniform mobile, online and in-store offerings, furniture retailers set themselves apart from competitors says Mike Rittler at TD Bank.

Five Top Tips for Increasing Your Sales This Christmas

Five proven methods for increasing sales - and saving your sanity, this holiday season.