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Winning Website Engagement Tips From PERQ

An ongoing series from PERQ to help retailers increase ROI from their websites.

Winning Website Tip #5 From PERQ: Does Your Store Reflect This Relaxing Home Design Trend?

After an exhausting day, people want to retreat to a living space that’s cozy, relaxing and restorative. ​

Winning Website Tip #4 From PERQ : Best Lead Management Tips for Home Furnishing Retailers

As AI and other interactive technologies transform the way home furnishings retailers handle lead management, it’s important to stay focused on delivering a personalized and timely message that’s helpful in guiding furniture buyers down the sales funnel.

Winning Website Tip #2 From PERQ

As more ecommerce giants use AI and other technologies to attract online shoppers, it’s time for home furnishings retailers to open their minds to a new way of doing business.

Winning Website Tip #3 From PERQ

How to Increase Store Traffic During Slow Times

Winning Website Tip #1 From PERQ

How to Make Your Home Furnishings Website Stand Out Among the Competition