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McNeilly Furniture Adopts New Name and New Location At IHFC

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Looking for more traffic and more complementary surroundings, McNeilly Furniture, formerly McNeilly Champion Furniture, announced its to the IHFC’s Design Center.  The new showroom will be on the tenth floor, D1035.

“With customer activity slowing dramatically for the outer buildings,” said Jack McNeilly, “we believe it will be more beneficial for us to be in the IHFC where it’s proven that there is more traffic and more exhibitors similar to us.”

A manufacturer of fine leather upholstery, McNeilly, has experienced an upturn in business.  “We believe our move to the IHFC building can only increase that trend.  Also, the fact that we are a ‘Made in America’ company produced here in North Carolina is an asset.”  McNeilly Furniture also accepts COM orders.  The company will break in their new IHFC showroom with a “trendy” new sectional and three new high style reclining chairs, McNeilly said.  “We will also feature a 15-color collection of special priced leather to offer the best pricing ever on our furniture.”

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