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EcoSleep To Debut Temperature Regulating Mattress In High Point

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Durable Products Company LLC  reported that as the eco-friendly bedding category grows, advances in fabric technology are enabling consumers to enjoy not only a healthy, green sleep, but also one with built-in “thermo regulating” properties.  The latest design by EcoSleep™, a product manufactured by Durable Products Company LLC (DPC) will debut at the April 2010 High Point Market, combining the benefits of its patented EcoSleep foam materials with the exceptional heat dissipation of TENCEL.

TENCEL, the first cellulose fiber to use nanotechnology, offers a nano structure which enables the fibers to optimize moisture absorption.  Produced from the pulp of eucalyptus trees which are certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), TENCEL absorbs up to 70-percent more moisture than standard cotton covers.  It is also naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

The Cool-Contour Deluxe has several distinct components including its unique TENCEL cellulose fiber cover and two castor oil- based EcoSleep foam layers, Cool-Contour™ memory foam and Acella-Flex™ support foam. All EcoSleep foams are based with castor oil as apposed opposed to soybeans which require heavy processing. 

“All of our EcoSleep products are pushing the envelope in terms of providing consumers with a healthier, more sustainable, highly comfortable, and now, more cooling sleep than ever before,” said DPC vice president of sales, Mike Schweiger.  “Comfort is a necessity when it comes to your mattress, and we aim to prove that you can get maximum comfort in a mattress produced with the lowest overall impact on the environment.”

Under the cover is the innovative Cool-Contour memory foam, which conforms to the body for better support and relief.  The patented foam is comprised of odor-free castor oil and recycled foam polymers.  In comparison to soy-based foams, this formula leaves a much lower carbon footprint.  The open cell structure and heat absorption properties minimize trapped heat in the mattress, offering the consumer a cooler night’s sleep. 

Acella-Flex foam with SRTtm strut reinforcing technology is a castor oil-based support foam, with thicker cell walls than conventional foams for exceptional resilience.  Its signature open cell structure allows air flow for increased comfort and breathability.  Activated carbon within the Acella-Flex foam adds to the hygiene of the mattress and is odor-eliminating to help keep the bedroom smelling fresh.

The Cool-Contour Deluxe is the latest model in the EcoSleep line of mattresses made with sustainable, recycled and environmentally-friendly raw materials.  The line carries a retail price range of $799 to $1499 in queen.

To experience the Cool-Contour Deluxe Mattress and the full EcoSleep line, visit the EcoSleep space at their High Point Market showroom in the IHFC building, space M-610, from April 17-22, 2010.

Founded in 2002, by industry veteran and serial entrepreneur, Dave R. Young, DPC LLC,  offers a complete line up of visco, latex, air and innerspring mattresses for OEM and private label, and also develops and markets its own brands including EcoSleep environmentally-friendly mattresses and the luxurious Everloft pillows.

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