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IHFRA Announces Charles B. Costar Dean of IHFRA Award Winners

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The International Home Furnishings Representatives Association announced the winners of the Charles B Costar Dean of IHFRA Award.  Awards will be presented at the IHFRA Presidential Gala at the upcoming Spring High Point Market. 

The Greater New York Home Furnishings Association’s award winner is Tony Bellarosa.  Tony is the CEO of Furniture Concepts Inc, the sales organization representing Klaussner Furniture Industries.  He is a long-time board member of the Greater New York Home Furnishings Association and is active on a number of committees including membership. 

Sidney Gamburg has been an active member of Tri-State Home Furnishings Association since 1978 serving on Tri-State’s awards committee many times over the years.  Sid actively participates in all Chapter functions and offers his counsel and advice to member reps, actively recruiting members and always extolling the benefits of membership in the association. 

Mike Mackey has served on the Board of Directors of the Midwest Furniture Club for the past several years and currently serves as our 2nd Vice President.  In addition to avidly participating in the Club’s activities and endeavors, Mike has taken the initiative to maintain and modernize communication with the Midwest Furniture community, strengthening the Club’s ability to serve the industry. 

Don Deeds is an active member of the Home Furnishings Representatives Guild of Southern California and currently serves as the Chapter’s president.  Don actively represents the Southern California Chapter at the IHFRA Board of Directors meetings and additionally serves as a Rep Ambassador for the High Point Market Authority. 

Terry Clemens has been a member IHFRA for more than 35 years.  Terry has served as first vice-president, board member and past treasurer of Home Furnishings Representatives of Michigan and Chairman of the Michigan All Industry Seminar in 2009.  Additionally Terry represented the Michigan Chapter at the IHFRA Board of Directors meeting in High Point and serves as a Rep Ambassador for the High Point Market Authority. 

Ray Jessup has been a member of the Virginia/Carolinas Chapter since 1988 and an integral part of the local Piedmont Furniture Club.  Over the years Ray has been instrumental in organizing and promoting the Piedmont Furniture Club annual golf tournament and actively recruits members for the local club as well as the national association.  Ray serves as representative for the Virginia/Carolinas Chapter at the IHFRA Board of Directors meetings in High Point and has served in various leadership roles in the Virginia/Carolinas over the years. 

For more information on the Presidential Gala being held on April 16 at the IHFC Club on 11th Floor of Green, contact the IHFRA Office at 336-889-3920 or e-mail ihfra@ihfra.org.

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