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Mega Group Launches Evolution Network

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Mega Group announced the formation of the Evolution Network. Launched in January, 2009, the Evolution Network is targeted towards large-volume and/or medium to high-end, independent furniture retail stores. Dean Wake, Director of the Promotional Networks, manages this newest network for Mega Group. 

There are currently 8 members in the Evolution Network:

  • Bennett's Home Furnishings Ltd., Campbellford, ON
  • Decorium, Toronto, ON
  • Germain Larivière, St-Hyacinthe, QC
  • Jordan’s Home Furishings, New Minas, NS
  • Kullberg's Furniture Ltd., Brandon, MB
  • Les Galeries du meuble, Quebec, QC
  • Midwest Furniture & Appliances, Lloydminster, SK
  • Stoney Creek Furniture Ltd., Stoney Creek, ON

Dean Wake, Director of Promotional Networks, Mega Group Inc., noted that the Evolution Network has 2 key components: 

Component #1: Provides Evolution members access to all Mega services, i.e., central billing, rebate programs, logistics and other member services.   

Component #2: Assists in the formation of strategic partnerships with certain suppliers for the purpose of obtaining exclusive distribution rights in Canada and the development of exclusive product lines. 

"For example," said Mr. Wake, "at a meeting held at the Las Vegas Market, the group secured an agreement with Better Homes & Gardens for the launch of an exclusive line of mattresses. At the TCHFM last January, the group announced a partnership with Brentwood Classics for the development of an exclusive line of fabric upholstery. Discussions continue with other suppliers in other categories concerning the development of additional product lines that will be exclusive to the group." 

Beyond these critical merchandising initiatives, the group seeks to realize economies in freight and logistics, as well as the joint development and cost sharing for advertising, marketing and internet activities.   

The work of the group is accomplished through regularly scheduled conference calls and meetings.  

In its short history, the Evolution Network has already recruited an impressive list of important retailers across Canada. Going forward, finding other like-minded, large-volume retailers to join the network will continue to be a primary objective.  

The Evolution Network is Mega Group’s latest addition in an extensive list of services and programs that are specifically designed to help the Canadian independent retailer remain competitive in an increasingly challenging environment. For over 40 yeas, Mega Group’s mission has been “Making Independent Retailers Stronger!”.  

For more information, contact Mic LaFreniere, VP - Member Services/Strategic Planning, Mega Group Inc., 800 265-9030, mlafreniere@megagroup.ca

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